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Good boi makes a run for it with owner's dentures and his toothy smile has the internet guffawing

Those pearly whites on that tiny ball of fur has won the internet's heart and is spreading some needed cheer during these gloomy days.

Good boi makes a run for it with owner's dentures and his toothy smile has the internet guffawing
Image Source: YouTube/Ben Campbell

Going into isolation, Ben Campbell knew he had to prepare for the weeks ahead. While panic shoppers swarmed stores in search of every last roll of toilet paper, Ben's shopping list featured something a bit unusual: a set of fake teeth, the failproof way to keep an individual entertained—and thereby sane—during these dark and depressing times. Although at first dentures sound like an odd choice for a pandemic survival pack, it turns out Ben is a visionary who, thanks to his little dog Thomas, has now gifted the internet an endless source of stomach-cramping-floor-rolling-laughter.


You see, Ben's pupster, Thomas has a little bit of a kleptomaniac streak in him. His favorite hobbies include stealing odd things from around the house and making a run for it when his hooman tries to grab them from him. Recently, Ben's pandemic comic relief fake dentures caught the tiny Yorkshire Terrier's eyes and he waited for the perfect moment to strike. When the clock struck 'fake teeth stealing hour,' the furball struck right on target, extracted the prize like the professional that he is, and ran as fast as his tiny legs would take him. With the dentures firmly secured between his real teeth, Thomas had almost gotten away with it before Ben caught wind of the heist.


What followed was the creation of internet gold. Chasing behind Thomas in pursuit of the dentures while the canine obstacle-coursed his way around the house, Ben realized that his tiny little doggo now sported a wide grin. Like comically wide. A video of the chase uploaded on social media gives us a clear glimpse of Thomas' toothy grin and trust me when I say this, you've never seen anything like this. Tell me those pearly whites on that tiny ball of fur hasn't got you laughing out loud like a maniac:

Image Source: YouTube/Ben Campbell

Toothy Thomas instantly went viral on social media with over 1,998,524 views on YouTube in about a week and netizens guffawing their hearts out at the funniest 26-seconds-long video ever.


I just woke up my entire house laughing harder than I have ever. This was so unexpected it laughed me out of bed. My wife and kids are so mad none of them will watch it and I still can't stop, commented YouTube user Christopher Leveck. Now that's a new way to make the mail carriers fall over with laughter when they arrive to drop off mail or packages, no more being afraid of dogs it's turning into being afraid of passing out of laughter LOL, suggested Joseph Bennett. Oh my god, I've laughed at videos before on youtube but this one. I had to leave the computer, I was genuinely having a hard time breathing. Fantastic, wrote Dante Mand.


With the video going viral within days, Ben revealed that he's been receiving messages from Toothy Thomas's new fans around the world. This is starting to get freaking REAL. When I brought Thomas home in September, he changed my life and re-opened my heart for business. And now I’ve been getting messages from nurses on the front lines telling me that Thomas is cheering up hospital staff and patients in nursing homes, he wrote on Facebook. You do you, Thomas!


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