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Dog posing as a human inspires 25 creative and hilarious edits from all over the internet

Dogs often do hilarious and mischievous things but this hilarious pose went too far and reached far corners of the internet.

Dog posing as a human inspires 25 creative and hilarious edits from all over the internet
Cover Image Source: (L) Facebook | Jeremy Richards; (R) Facebook | Jaime Fears

Dogs are undeniably our most loyal companions, offering unconditional love and support. Having a dog in one's home can really brighten up one's mood and it also allows for an animal to be cared for properly. Another special talent that dogs possess is their unique way of making us laugh with their humor and playful antics. They really possess an uncanny ability to surprise us with their unpredictable behavior. Dogs are pure creatures and they express themselves freely, creating even more capacity for such humorous situations.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

One particularly funny scenario is when dogs try to behave like humans. An individual shared a post on Facebook of their dog a "Pyrenees mix pup Aspen," sitting on a stool, just like a human would. The individual shared that their dog often sat like humans did. People on the social media site absolutely loved the photo. The post has got 4.2K likes, along with 287 comments. Interestingly, people decided to photoshop the cute dog, creating even more funnier pictures. Here are 25 of the best photoshopped pictures, that are sure to get you laughing:

1. Dancing on a pole 


2. Celebrating Halloween


3. Going to Oprah


4. Carving pumpkins


5. Online shopping


6. Playing poker 


7. Looking at the computer


8. Playing piano 


9. Solving the morning crossword


10. Riding a motorcycle


11. Sitting on a giraffe


12. Enjoying nature


13. Driving a school bus 


14. Operating a tractor


15. Providing CPR


16. On a broom like a witch


17. Going to space


18. Seated at the throne 


19. Riding a tricycle


20. Enjoying some quiet time 


21. Sitting on the swings


22. Being a Quidditch player


23. On the Statue of Liberty


24. Playing poker with other dogs


25. On the can



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