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Dog involved in a car accident with her human ran a mile from crash site to her daycare to get help

After the dog and her human met with an accident, the mix-pitbull made the best decision at the moment by immediately running to her doggy daycare.

Dog involved in a car accident with her human ran a mile from crash site to her daycare to get help
Cover Image Source: YouTube| WXYZ-TV Detroit

It's often said that pets can outsmart humans, and they're not wrong. Animals have a unique intellect that makes them understand and act without needed words. Though they are highly commendable for their emotional factors, they have quite a few cognitive skills as well. WXYZ News reported about Aries, a clever mixed-breed pitbull, showcased her quick thinking following a minor car accident with her owner, Melissa Fickel. Fickel mentioned that she had got Aries as her pet dog in 2020 and was fairly familiar with her skills. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Dominika Roseclay
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Dominika Roseclay

While driving down Rochester Road recently, Fickel and Aries met with an accident. Another car ran into them. Though it was minor and no one was hurt, Aries immediately jumped out of the car and ran away. “I had the windows down because Aries likes to hang her head out. As soon as there was that smack, as soon as I felt and heard it, almost instantaneously, she was out the window,” Fickel said. The woman presumed that Aries had run out of fear and would be prone to more danger due to oncoming traffic and an unknown neighborhood. “I can’t really think about it because so many things could’ve happened," she added. But Aries wasn't running from fear; she sprinted a mile to Hounds Town Metro Detroit, her familiar animal daycare, with a mission in mind. 

Aries used to go over to the daycare multiple times to play and was aware of her surroundings and the route at the time of the crash. The owner, Travis Ogden, wasn’t sure what to make of Aries’ presence. “She really started off scared. As soon as I walked up front, saw the dog, I was like, ‘That is definitely Aries,’” he said. He then took her in and looked after her before calling Fickel to let her know her dog was safe. Aries astutely did the math and bravely ran over to the daycare, which she thought of as her safe space, to ensure her and her human's safety. In a surveillance video shared by WXYZ-TV Detroit, Aries is seen approaching the daycare door and jumping as if she wanted to knock.

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The dog knew exactly what she wanted to do and where she wanted to go and headed straight from the crash site to the daycare. “She was literally jumping on the door like, ‘Let me in',” Fickle joked. “Travis luckily called me and said she’s here and I literally sank to the ground,” Fickle recalled in relief. Avoiding becoming a liability at the accident site, Aries took initiative, heading to daycare—a move that Fickel, or any pet owner, could only dream of in such a situation.


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