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Dog gets 'heroic goodbye' from hospital after being injured in a robbery: 'You're going home'

Luck, a courageous Labrador, became a hero when he sustained severe injuries while stopping a robbery.

Dog gets 'heroic goodbye' from hospital after being injured in a robbery: 'You're going home'
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1

Dogs excel in tasks they are trained for, whether it's guarding a house, aiding law enforcement, or serving as service dog. They display unwavering courage and fearlessness, willingly placing themselves in perilous situations to fulfill their duties. One remarkable dog, named Luck, exemplified this dedication when he was shot and sustained severe injuries while thwarting a robbery.

A heartwarming video shared on Twitter by @GoodNewsCorres1 captured the touching moment when Luck, the brave Labrador, triumphantly exited the hospital after a remarkable 54-day journey of recovery.

Image Source: Twitter/ @GoodNewsCorres1
Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1

Having undergone three surgeries, Luck's resilience and determination earned him a well-deserved round of applause from the onlookers as he took his steps toward a brighter future. The caption of the video reads, "Heroic goodbye! 54 days ago, Luck was shot and severely injured during a robbery. Luck was hospitalized all this time and underwent 3 successful surgeries. Today, it finally happened! His long-awaited release from the hospital. You're going home Luck!"

Image Source: Twitter/ @GoodNewsCorres1
Image Source: Twitter | @GoodNewsCorres1

The video shows Luck exiting the hospital with absolute joy in his eyes. He is being applauded by everyone around him as he gets ready to go back home. This beautiful moment warms the hearts of many as the video went viral, garnering over 101k views and 2760 likes. People loved his bravery and gave him their best wishes for recovery. @realjrando commented, "That hero walks on four legs." @alwaysAl6954 expressed, "I can't stop crying. Stay safe buddy boy." @Espiritus_Unity wrote, "Hate to see that veterinarian bill but thankful they could afford to save him!" @julielipsss wrote, "Perfect name."


Dogs definitely deserve a lot more appreciation and love for what they do for us. They not only spread love but are also ready to give their lives to protect their dear ones. Another such dog who was awarded for his heroic act was Charlie.


In the early hours of April 28, Chad McCollum and his wife were stirred from their sleep by the incessant barking of their loyal companion, Charlie. Recognizing that something might be amiss, Chad contemplated taking Charlie outside, assuming the dog needed to attend to nature's call. However, much to his surprise, Charlie's urgency did not subside but rather intensified, leaving Chad and his wife puzzled and concerned. McCollum said, "I was afraid he was going to wake the neighbors. I was a little frustrated."


Despite being called, Charlie persisted in remaining outside and incessantly barked, fixating his gaze on a particular corner of the yard. "I walk over to the corner of the yard where he's barking and I see the plume of smoke up in the sky and kind of an orange glow," McCollum told PEOPLE.


He quickly escorted Charlie inside the house, put on his shoes, and reached the place where the smoke was coming from. An RV was on fire and it was spreading to the adjacent houses. McCollum immediately called 911 and then knocked on the front doors of both houses, shouting for the residents to wake up. "I was running back and forth, just trying to bang on the doors. It’s starting to be a pretty big fire at this point," he recalled.

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