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Dog who didn't get a single adoption application finds forever home after shelter's emotional post

Sky's post went viral over the internet as everybody inquired about the 3-year-old dog's adoption process.

Dog who didn't get a single adoption application finds forever home after shelter's emotional post
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Stafford County Animal Shelter

Editor's note: This article was originally published on March 3, 2023. It has since been updated.

The 3-year-old dog walked into her cabin, wishing to be taken away by somebody out there, but none came to visit the canine. Sky arrived at Virginia's Stafford County Animal Shelter in November and every time somebody visited the shelter, a fellow dog would meet their family to go with. Little did Sky know that her fortune was just a click away over the internet. On February 27, when the shelter took to Facebook to express deep regrets faced by the adorable dog, people flocked with requests to adopt her. And that’s how Sky found her home.

Image Source: Facebook | Stafford County Animal Shelter
Image Source: Facebook | Stafford County Animal Shelter


The post on Facebook, which gained attention for its heart-touching description of the dog all alone waiting to meet 'hooman' was loved by netizens. The post read, “Sky hasn’t received ONE inquiry since arriving to us November last year. No one has sent an email. No one has called about her. No one asks to visit with her. We have posted her multiple times…still nothing.” The shelter workers were all hoping to find someone who would love the dog as much as it loved humans who walked it out of her cabin in the shelter.


The post further read, “We understand she must be the only dog, but there has to be someone out there who belongs to Sky. She is a wonderful companion. She does great with all people and loves going for walks with our volunteers. We are confident she will make someone very happy, she just needs a chance!” The viral Facebook post concluded on a sentimental note saying, “All of our long-term residents have found a family and we think Sky’s turn is long overdue. Someone has to be needing this girl. We are only asking for serious inquiries. When she leaves her kennel she thinks she’s going home.”


Their post worked. People over the internet fell for the dog. Many inquired about the shelter’s whereabouts, while others shared how they found their dogs in similar circumstances, who turned out to be the friendliest of all canines. “The phone has been ringing off the hook all morning, a ton of messages and so many we can’t even get back to them,” Joe Bice, the captain of the Stafford County Animal Shelter, said as per WSET. “She wasn’t a perfect dog in that she can't be around other dogs so she is easily overlooked,” Bice added about the doggo’s demeanor.


As it is said, good things take time, though it was the same day after the post went viral that Sky finally met her family on February 28. Donna Crowder contacted the shelter house, luckily enough earlier than others and inquired about Sky’s temperament around kids. “We wanted to get information and see if she was still here this morning. It’s weird having a dog because I have never had a dog," Donna Crowder said. Her son, Joseph, who is autistic, got along well with Sky, as per the outlet. And that’s how Sky left her kennel for home sweet home.

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