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Woman finds Donald Trump's face in her dog's ear, and now it can't be unseen

An adorable beagle from Tyneside, England, went viral for the strangest reason a couple of years ago after a cyst in his ear bore an uncanny resemblance to the President of America.

Woman finds Donald Trump's face in her dog's ear, and now it can't be unseen
Cover Image Source: Just Giving, President Donald Trump looks on during a signing ceremony in the Oval Office of the White House on November 26, 2019, in Washington, DC. Photo by Drew Angerer, Getty Images)

When Jade Robinson discovered a cyst in her now 4-year-old beagle's ear a couple of years ago, she never imagined that the frankly upsetting discovery would make her doggo an online celebrity. The 25-year-old from Tyneside, England, was simply concerned for her furry best friend Chief when she took a photograph of his infected ear to send to the vet. While Robinson worried about Chief's health, a keen-eyed friend noticed something rather unusual about the canine's ear cyst. The infection bore an uncanny resemblance to the 45th president of America, Donald Trump.

"If you know anything about beagles you know how intelligent, active and curious they are and Chief certainly lives up to that - he's full of mischief. As he has the very distinctive long ears they spend a lot of time scraping the ground sniffing for lovely smells, unfortunately, this leads to his ears picking up a lot of dirt. We have fought to keep his ears clean since day one however general cleaning can only go so far," Robinson told BBC.


The dog mom revealed that she had to wait until Chief was asleep before she could snap a photo of his inner ear to send to the veterinarian. "This photo had to be taken whilst Chief was asleep as he does not like his inner ears to be touched and I swear I looked and zoomed in and out at this photo over 20 times and never saw Donald Trump - it was my eagle-eyed friend who pointed it out," she said. As you can imagine, the photo went viral in no time after Robinson posted it on Facebook and soon blew the minds of netizens on other social media platforms as well.


Twitter, in particular, had a field day with the story, with many commenting on how it's impossible to unsee the US President in the ear once you've seen the bizarre resemblance.










Speaking to The Sun, Robinson admitted that while she hadn't expected Chief and her ear cyst to go so viral, and was glad that it got people laughing. "There’s a lot of negativity on the internet and to me it’s the little things that make me smile and it’s nice to know Chief has made people smile – even if it’s his ear. I thought I would share this with my Facebook friends but NEVER thought it would be that popular however overnight our little Chief became an internet sensation trending all over social media!"


Since Chief couldn't go about his day-to-day life with a Donald Trump cyst in his ear, Robinson had to take him to the vet to better examine the infection. However, since the doggo hates having his ear touched, he needed to be sedated for the examination, the initial cost of which was estimated to be about $590 at the time. Hoping to use Chief's internet celebrity status productively, Robinson set up a crowdfunding campaign with the words "get Trump out of Chief's ear cleverly embedded in the URL.


As expected, support started flowing in for Chief in no time with one writing, "Helping a needy pup is always a worthy endeavor. Excising Donald 'The Vile Barking Yam' Trump? Absolutely priceless. Money cheerfully spent!" Robinson ended up raising more than her initial target, and today, the adorable little Chief is as happy as he can be.


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