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Dog can't stop grinning as her family spends hours searching for grandma's missing dentures

Luna, who was rescued from the streets and adopted by Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancé, proved that dogs can be hilarious pranksters.

Dog can't stop grinning as her family spends hours searching for grandma's missing dentures
Image Source: YouTube/SBT Jornalismo

Dogs make for great companions who help protect us physically and are also instrumental for our emotional well-being. They become a part of the family, and just like kids would, these furry friends get up to mischief, causing us distress. Yet, they are also an amazing source of entertaining stories that will leave you in splits. Proving that dogs can be hilarious pranksters is Luna. She was rescued from the streets of Brazil and adopted by psychology student Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancé. The puppy soon became another member of the family. They adored her and she made herself at home soon enough.


What really cemented their relationship as a family was one particularly hilarious situation orchestrated by the cheeky dog. One day when Lima decided to visit her grandmother she took Luna along with her. Luna managed to settle right into the new environment, much to Lima's delight. So when she had to step out of the house for lunch she really had no reason to worry. At the same time she went out, Lima's grandmother decided to take a nap. "As usual, she put her dentures under the pillow so as not to lose them," Lima explained to The Dodo. Luna saw a window of opportunity for mischief.


After her nap, grandma woke up to find her dentures missing. They were definitely not under the pillow and she unsuccessfully looked for them everywhere. "She was pretty desperate that she couldn't find her dentures," Lima said. "She and my mom searched everywhere. They searched for hours." By then Lima had returned home. She decided it would be a good idea to see if Luna had anything to do with it since she was being awfully quiet in the face of trouble. And sure enough, the culprit was caught red-handed with a wide grin on her face.


But before she was caught red-handed, the teeth thief played it cool and looked like she had no idea what was happening. Speaking to local media Lima recalled, according to Standard, "Hours later, Luna was playing around the house in the darkness and when I called, she came to me with a cute face and her tail wagging, jumping around, but she did not have them and they could not find them after a lengthy search." She knew Luna well enough then to know she was hiding something. "She is very clever, she picks things up and hides them," Lima said. So she decided to give her some time to reveal her naughty secrets.


As expected, Luna finally managed to catch the cute culprit. "Later on, I found Luna on the sofa with the teeth in her mouth, biting on them and refusing to give them up," Lima recalled. "I was eventually able to distract her and take them away, luckily they were not damaged." Despite being caught getting up to no good, Luna showed no signs of guilt. She was, on the other hand, amused by her humans' frantic search for the false teeth. After all that effort, grandma got her dentures back. The sweet dog was almost immediately forgiven by grandma because there was no way she could be angry with her. Even without her dentures, Luna had quite a sweet smile.

Luna is not the only dog with a fascination, it turns out. Facebook users shared their own experiences with dogs and dentures which is apparently a more common combination than one would think, according to Metro. "We own a denture clinic and dogs love eating dentures," one user stated. Another person said, "I remember when mum’s dog was running around with our mum’s teeth in her mouth."



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