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Dog asks paramedics to be let in the ambulance with owner, refusing to take no for an answer

The canine was filled with mixed emotions at the sight of its owner and refused to leave them alone.

Dog asks paramedics to be let in the ambulance with owner, refusing to take no for an answer
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @goodnewsreports

When they say a dog is man’s best friend, they’re not kidding. Dogs are one of the most selfless creatures and will give up their lives for their owners. Apart from providing warmth, love and care, they also hold their owners close to their hearts and often put them before themselves. @goodnewsreports shared a video of a concerned and dedicated canine who hung close to his owner in times of need and refused to let go. The Instagram video was captured with paramedics and an ambulance at the scene, indicating that the owner was in trouble and needed immediate medical assistance.

Image Source: Instagram| @goodnewsreports
Image Source: Instagram | @goodnewsreports

The video captures the medical team putting the person into the ambulance on a stretcher. Meanwhile, the dog is seen desperately reaching out and jumping at the back to figure out what was happening and get hold of his owner. The dog immediately gets some space to jump into the ambulance while the officials are busy loading the owner into the ambulance. However, in all the chaos, the dog jumps down again. In all the confusion, the dog wasn't sure how to react. All it knew was that it needed to be with its owner. Unfortunately, the team loads up the stretcher and closes the ambulance, leaving the dog outside.

Image Source: Instagram| @goodnewsreports
Image Source: Instagram| @goodnewsreports

As soon as the officials head to the front of the vehicle to get in and make a move, the dog hurries over to the front window and barks at the driver. Its posture and bark both indicate that the dog is desperately trying to say something. However, in the need and urgency to get medical assistance, the vehicle begins to drive away. The canine howls and barks louder than before and without a second thought, jumps and runs behind the ambulance. At this point, it was clear that it just wanted to be with its owner and nothing more. After running alongside the ambulance for a few seconds, the dog begins to circle the vehicle.

Image Source: Instagram| @goodnewsreports
Image Source: Instagram| @goodnewsreports

The dog persistently keeps running around to get the officials’ attention and to his luck, the ambulance stopped and the back seat of the door where the owner was was opened for the furry canine to step in. In the heavy rain, the dog didn’t give up and was adamant about being with its owner. As soon as the dog realizes the door has been opened, it wastes no time and jumps in. The caption of the video reads, “Extraordinary effort this dog ​​makes to be with his human in the ambulance. Good job by the ambulance team recognizing the importance of this companionship.”

Image Source: Instagram| @goodnewsreports
Image Source: Instagram | @goodnewsreports

Several people applauded the team and the canine for their persistence and shrewd thinking. @indygirl68 said, “God bless them for their kind hearts. The love and devotion is real!” @btaylor0123 said, “Oh, poor baby, he or she wanted to go with either its master or mistress.” @kahoff13 said, “Thank God! I was terrified the dog would be left behind.” @caljerome40 said, “That's right, that could be the best therapy that person gets.” @maryanndufferyayer said, “That is just beautiful, warms my heart!”

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