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Dog adorably doing division with her human and getting the right answers is a delight to watch

People can't get enough of the delightful cockapoo, Luna, who is a math genius acing division with her dad Jared.

Dog adorably doing division with her human and getting the right answers is a delight to watch
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @lunatheminicockapoo

When people say dogs are smart, they are not simply referring to the canine’s cognitive abilities but also emotional and analytical skills. Jared, who goes by @lunatheminicockapoo on Instagram, shared a video of his mixed-breed dog Luna, who outdid herself by displaying her exemplary skills. Luna managed to express her intelligence not by just fetching a ball or sniffing something out but also by revealing her skills in one of the fields we humans sometimes dread - mathematics. The tiny cockapoo was seated in the car with Jared when he confronted her with a mathematical division and oh boy, did the furry little miss deliver. 

Image Source: Instagram| @lunatheminicockapoo
Image Source: Instagram| @lunatheminicockapoo

Jared asks her, “You ready for division?” while Luna simply looks at him excitedly. He then asked, “What’s 8/2?” Luna looked extremely confused, leaving many asking the question, “How could she possibly know and even if she knew, how could she possibly answer?” Luna can’t speak words or hold up fingers like humans but she sure used her intellect to find the answer and share it on camera.

After taking a few moments to think, the clever dog responded by revealing the answer in the form of taps. Luna extended her tiny paw and tapped on Jared’s shoulder 4 times consecutively indicating the answer to be 4. For those worried that this was planned or a coincidence, Jared posed another question. “What is 10/2?” he asked. Luna knew the drill by now and what was left was just for the smart girl to do the math.

Image Source: Instagram| @lunatheminicockapoo
Image Source: Instagram| @lunatheminicockapoo

She quickly revealed the answer in the form of taps. She lay 5 taps elegantly on Jared’s shoulders indicating the answer 5. Jared asked one more time, “What’s 12/2?” One could see Luna taking a few seconds to think and it was the most adorable sight to watch. Luna eagerly went over to Jared with her sweet little furry face and paws and laid 6 gentle consecutive taps to indicate the answer 6.

People were taken aback by the canine’s spectacular skills and cuteness. Many debated whether the fact that she knew math was better or whether the fact that she looked so adorable and jovial with her special way of responding. @rimiguleria said, “The way she was thinking of the answer. I fall in love with her every single time.”

Image Source: Instagram| @lunatheminicockapoo
Image Source: Instagram| @lunatheminicockapoo


@sunflo3rpow3r said, “Where did the math start? She is brilliant! Love your bond.” @foresst862 remarked, “Luna‘s math is seriously better than mine.” @jeepgirl1954 wrote, “She is the cutest! Everything about her is just perfect! Love her smacking and those eyes!” @itswinwindi added, “Luna can go to the math Olympic games.” @dasassybee applauded Luna, saying, “Her listening skills and her thinking math skills are impressive! Luna, you are one smart cookie!" People were in awe of the way Luna showed she was actually thinking with her big confused eyes and straight face. @liz29 said, “Her thinking face is the cutest.” @lukesamarzdic1 joked and said, “‘My dog ate my homework,’ no no... ‘my dog did my homework.’”

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