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Doctor's inspiring empathy when fitting child with a new prosthetic leg wins hearts online

The doctor is seen handling the child with gentle care and compassion as he puts the new prosthetic device on her.

Doctor's inspiring empathy when fitting child with a new prosthetic leg wins hearts online
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/RunKind4141

Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear white coats and save lives. Doctors are the ones who help us get back to good health and save our lives and sometimes, they show us such empathy that it melts our hearts. In a video that was uploaded on Reddit recently by u/RunKind4141, we see a doctor holding a prosthetic leg and a balloon for a child.

Recognizing how stressful hospitals and getting a prosthesis fitting can be for young children, he approaches the little girl with a wide smile on his face. It is clear that he wants to make the experience a positive one for the youngster as he hands her the balloon and shows her the artificial limb. He then gently puts the prosthetic device on her, making sure the child is comfortable even though she appears a little apprehensive.

Image Source: Reddit | u/RunKind4141
Image Source: Reddit | u/RunKind4141

It is truly heartwarming to watch the medical professional handle the child with such delicate care and empathy. It is a testament to this that the young girl is soon seen standing on her new leg. Even more impressive is the fact that she takes to the prosthetic so quickly that she is also able to walk with her mother while still holding the balloon in one hand.

We also see a smile on the face of her mother as she walks along with her daughter. The video is set to Sia's "Unstoppable," an appropriate choice for the video as it shows the care this child has received and the courage she shows in being able to walk again.

Image Source: Reddit | u/RunKind4141
Image Source: Reddit | u/RunKind4141

People on Reddit also appreciated how beautiful this video is and it has received 6.7K upvotes and several comments on it. u/meshuggah27 commented, "I wish this kind of treatment for every child across the planet regardless of social status or wealth." u/mamasbestboy wrote, "Many are cynical but I still have hope in the world that there is a chance there will be this for every child one in need day."

u/AngelHill wrote, "The doctor is a great fellow he gave the girl the opportunity to be like everyone else. It made me smile." u/mobileoblivion observed, "Little one is a freaking natural. She could probably outrun all of us." u/fair_owl_2020 shared, "I think some doctors become doctors for the wrong reasons (wealth, status, etc)... this guy certainly did not!"

Image Source: Reddit | u/PhilTech345
Image Source: Reddit | u/PhilTech345

Truly, this video is heartwarming and for this reason, it has won so many hearts. In another heartwarming story about helping others overcome their obstacle, we see Ashton Dunford, who is blind, being supported by his little sister. In a beautiful video posted on Instagram by his mom, Hilda Dunford, Ashton is seen trying a waterslide for the first time last year thanks to his sister's words of encouragement. The experience and his younger sibling's support encouraged him to give it a shot this year as well. In fact, this year, he went ahead and tried other water slides as well.

Image Source: Instagram/ @ourblindside
Image Source: Instagram/ @ourblindside

The video begins with an overlay text, "Last year, my son who is blind tried a waterslide for the first time because his little sister encouraged him to try it with her." The siblings, Ashton and Ocean, can be seen walking together, hand in hand, at a waterpark in the video. Ashton, in a white T-shirt and white-and-black printed shorts, can then be seen making his way down a water slide. The text overlay reads, "This year, he tried it again and he tried other water slides too." After coming down from the slide, Ashton and Ocean walk together, holding hands in the clip, which is captioned, "Siblings of children who are blind are always the first ones to believe in them more than anyone else." This video is truly winning our hearts!

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