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Doctors hilariously prove that an apple is their natural nemesis in a comedic battle

The doctors comically scatter in different directions, pretending to be terrified of the harmless apple.

Doctors hilariously prove that an apple is their natural nemesis in a comedic battle
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/Call-Me-Risley

The age-old saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a proverb ingrained in our minds since childhood, often used by our parents and teachers to promote healthy eating habits. However, have you ever wondered about the perspective of doctors on this popular saying? Let's delve into their thoughts and opinions. A Reddit user u/Call-Me-Risley shared a hilarious video of doctors implying that an apple is their worst enemy.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Call-Me-Risley
Image Source: Reddit | u/Call-Me-Risley

The person who is recording the video asks a bunch of people wearing white coats, "What are you?" They all scream, "Doctors." He then goes ahead and asks them, "What is this?" while holding an apple in his hand. Everyone begins to run in different directions. The man tries to run after a few with the apple and they pretend as if they are genuinely frightened by the harmless fruit.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Call-Me-Risley
Image Source: Reddit | u/Call-Me-Risley

The video garnered over 28k upvotes on Reddit and people found this enactment extremely hilarious and amusing. It shows how doctors are not just life-savers but also possess a great sense of humor. u/No-Pen5093 commented, "The one on the left slowly backing away is really committing to the role." u/Blappytap wrote, "Genuinely made me giggle. Well done."

Image Source:
Image Source: Reddit

u/InternalRelevant shared, "Absolutely adore the man who’s slowly backing away with his arms spread out to protect those behind him. We won’t lose any more good physicians to those dastardly apples. Not on his watch." u/Evening-Statement-59 expressed, "The alpha doctor was protecting his herd." u/maybelatertoday12 said, "Ha! Love it. Everyone’s having fun and that’s awesome." u/pryingtuna wrote, "That was awesome. I love it when professionals like doctors, who seem really serious, have fun like this." People found the video extremely hilarious and the best part of the video was the way in which everyone acted especially a doctor who was slowly moving backward and pretending to protect a group of them. 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit | u/AaronTheElite007

In another hilarious and heartwarming story, when their son accomplished the remarkable feat of becoming a doctor, Michelle and Roosevelt Boyland, like any proud parents, were brimming with joy. Determined to celebrate this milestone in a truly memorable way, Michelle had an ingenious idea that struck her while watching TV: renting a billboard, per Good Morning America.


The family ensured that the billboard was a surprise for their son Ryan asked questions about it. "Everybody knew about it except Ryan. And I told him that I needed to talk to him and we're going to meet at his older brother's apartment complex in the parking lot," Michelle said, explaining that the parking lot was near the billboard. "Ryan had tons of questions, as usual. 'Why are we meeting? How come we can't talk about it right now over the phone?' I'm like, 'This is very important. I need to see your face.'"


The time to show him the billboard finally arrived and Ryan's mother, brother, and sister took him to see it. He had no idea what was happening until he looked up and saw his photo above the roadway. The billboard reads, "Congratulations, Doctor Ryan Boyland, Class of 2023, the University of Nebraska Medical Center." It is situated in front of Bellevue University in Bellevue, Nebraska.

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