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Doctor who was deemed unqualified because of her gender at hospital outsmarts misogynist patients

The patients simply assumed an inferior image of the doctor due to her gender. But her response surely fixed their arrogance.

Doctor who was deemed unqualified because of her gender at hospital outsmarts misogynist patients
Representative Cover Image Source: (L)Pexels | Antoni Shkraba (R) Reddit | u/BawseGal23

The traces of patriarchy and male dominance are prevalent in the world. Though many are in their struggle to empower women and bring in equality, certain people have their perspectives fixed and refuse to change. However, there are ways to give people a dose of the much-needed medicine. u/BawseGal23 shared a post on how she taught a much-deserving lesson to her misogynist patients. Her post was captioned, “Assume I'm not qualified enough for you. Then keep waiting!”

Representative Image Source: Pexels/cottonbro studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels | cottonbro studio

In her post, the doctor said that she was a doctor in a developing country’s public hospital. There was a lot of work to be done and several doctors and staff were on their feet. She then mentioned that she was attending to stable patients for quick reviews and refill prescriptions. She also added a note in her post that read, “This section was mainly looked after by female health extension officers. I was just assisting that morning.” Writing further, the doctor said that she finished attending to a patient and it was the next one’s turn. The line was long. However, this patient that came in decided to act big-headed.

Representative Image Source:Pexels/
Representative Image Source:Pexels | Antoni Shkraba

She said, “The next client walks in, takes one look at me and says, ‘I'll wait for a doctor to attend to me.’” Stunned by the ridiculous response, the doctor understood the perspective that the patient had come in with. She mentioned that before she could say anything, the patient made an assumption simply by looking at her. u/BawseGal23 got the idea that the patient solely judged her because she was a woman as there was no other factor to look at since she hadn’t said anything. She then wrote, “The subsequent client does the same thing.” The doctor moved on to the next patient and eventually finished attending all in the line. It was soon only the two former patients who were “waiting for a doctor to attend” to them. 

As she was done with the patients except the two, she was heading towards another section when the nurse enquired about the two snobby patients still seated. To this, she responded, “They want to be seen by a doctor.” Hearing this, the nurse got a hunch of the situation, smiled and proceeded to inform the two patients that they just missed the doctor. She very cleverly said, “I could have seen them but decided to delegate them to another officer, not a doctor.” She concluded her post by saying that she left them hanging for another hour. 

The patients surely must have lost their patience there but embarrassingly learned a lesson. Commenters shared their experiences and thoughts on the same. u/Spare_Ninja2907 said, “I believe that's the, ‘A woman, she’s not qualified to see me, send me a real doctor’ syndrome. I was speaking to some clients in my native tongue, and the others waiting assumed that I didn’t speak English. Another staff member came to talk to them so they could help, but would have to return the next day since the issue could only be resolved by me.” u/Mickleborough said, “Should’ve had the nurse say to you loudly, ’Doctor, what about these two clients?’” As a doctor, u/BawseGal23 surely gave an effective “medicine” for those patients’ arrogance. 

Image Source: Reddit/u/Mindless-Run3194
Image Source: Reddit/u/Mindless-Run3194


Image Source: Reddit/u/No_Proposal7628
Image Source: Reddit/u/No_Proposal7628


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