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Doctor shares his dad's heart-melting experience in waiting room and it has everyone bawling

A doctor of Osteopathic Medicine shared a mundane yet heart-filling moment his dad encountered in his waiting room and it's the best feeling ever.

Doctor shares his dad's heart-melting experience in waiting room and it has everyone bawling
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Samuel Peter; X | @SPuro88

Few things make a parent prouder than seeing their child live their dreams. After seeing their children struggle to become who they aspire to be, parents want nothing more than to see their kids blossom. A dad experienced this in a deeply touching moment. Sravan Panuganti, a professor and doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)—who goes by @SPuro88 on X—recalled the heart-melting moment. He shared that his dad, while driving around town, decided to drop by his office. While waiting in the waiting room, the dad experienced an incredible heartfelt moment.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Annushka Ahuja
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Annushka Ahuja

“Dad was in town visiting. Found out he drove to my office today and sat in my waiting room for 30 minutes just to hear patients check in to see ‘Dr. Panuganti,’” the post read. Though the dad knew his son was a DO, something struck him to hear the title “Doctor” attached to the family name, proudly indicating his son’s new title. Hearing him addressed as a doctor surely brought mixed emotions of pride and happiness. Panuganti captured a simple yet profoundly moving moment of gratitude.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Marina Photos
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Marina Photos

Many people resonated with the DO's story, sharing in his father's joy. Some even applauded him for his hard work, which allowed him to give his father that joyous moment. The post has gained over 177K views and nearly 2K comments. @Saleboats exclaimed, “Who can blame him? You have one proud Dad!” @drsharryn remarked, “That’s beautiful. Often have the same speaking to parents friends hearing just how proud they are!” @JJWUrology wrote, “That’s pretty awesome, man! Must have been very special for him.” @CronFest said, “Your dad is so proud of you and that is just the dad-est thing ever!” @J_W_Lucas commented, “That’s great. I’m sure it validates all the hard work your parents have done.”



Some parents shared how indescribable it feels to see their children succeed and thrive. @dhananjayasha remarked, “Not surprising! I am so proud of my son that it couldn’t be put into words.” @VTRN83 said, “My daughter is a pg1. I would do what your dad did. It’s love.” Others shared their moments recalling their parents’ pride in the success and growth of their children. @RandyResist wrote, “What a touching story. Nothing like the pride of a parent. I saw a different side of my super shy mother-in-law when she introduced ‘my son, the doctor,’ to an old neighbor.”


@StephanieCarolan revealed how overwhelming her parents’ support was and added, “My dad turned every page of my PhD thesis and exclaimed how wonderful it was. He didn’t read it. But he loved it.” Dr. Panuganti replied in a thread and said, “He did the same for my sister. Couldn’t understand a word of it, but bought an ‘official’ copy from her university to keep in his home office.” @AlltheCanines exclaimed, “My dad once made me a nametag- ‘Dr. Janet X, DVM, Veterinarian, Jack’s Daughter.’” @mediclady wished, “Can’t wait to make my parents feel so fulfilled with my accomplishments.”

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