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Do you want to travel the country? This beer company will pay you $50,000 to do just that

Michelob Ultra wants YOU to drive around the United States to its various national parks and click stunning photos for their social media.

Do you want to travel the country? This beer company will pay you $50,000 to do just that
Image Source: swissmediavision / Getty Images

If you have ever wanted to make a living out of traveling (that is, your favorite thing to do), the American beer company Michelob Ultra has plans to pay one lucky person $50,000—plus expenses!—to do just that. Taking to their Twitter profile late last week, the firm, owned by Anheuser-Busch, uploaded a post about their latest opening for a "Chief Exploration Officer." The qualifications include, among others, a deep love for nature and a valid US driver's license. As you would assume, dozens of Twitter users wrote back expressing their interest in taking up the position, CNN reports.



The company posted, "Wanna be our new Chief Exploration Officer and get paid to travel the country? We thought so." They then encouraged interested candidates to visit their website, where they listed out further requirements for the job, such as: an affinity for outdoor/nature photography and/or videography and a deep appreciation for the joy that connecting with nature brings. In addition to holding a deep love for beer, candidates must also be willing and able to hike through national parks and other outdoor areas, and, of course, must be over 21 years of age. The "CEO" will be expected to travel to various national parks in the United States over a period of six months and click stunning pictures to post to the brand's social media. As Michelob Ultra affirmed in their tweet, "[We] are a proud supporter of the National Park Foundation."



Some of the national parks the lucky beer-loving CEO will visit include Yosemite, Sequoia, Joshua Tree, Saguaro, and Big Bend. They will be given a comfortable camper van equipped with its own bathroom and shower in order to make the trips to the national parks (the gas money is, "on them," Michelob Ultra stated on their website). What's more, the selected candidate can bring a right-hand person or animal along for the journey so they are not alone throughout the whole adventure.




Already, folks online have expressed their interest in the role. One Twitter user responded, "I'm definitely applying. Hiked the Himalayas five times, Patagonia once, and climbed Cotopaxi in Ecuador—during civil unrest!—last year. Published photographer once, too." Evidently, this one's a shoo-in for the job. Another added, "Oh my stars... What a dream job. And I get to drink beer, too! Makes me want to do cartwheels on my eyelashes. Looking forward to being a CEO and exploring the parks. Woohoo! Can't wait!" If you, like them, are interested in the job, you can fill out an application here. Good luck—may the best beer belly win.



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