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Diver captures underwater life during earthquake revealing beauty of nature amidst chaos

Diver shocks everyone by revealing the state of the undersea as it is going through an earthquake in his video.

Diver captures underwater life during earthquake revealing beauty of nature amidst chaos
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @brucediving

There are several examples all across the world of nature's majestic beauty. Most people capture nature at its epitome when everything is pristine and perfect. However, what happens when that is not the case? The answer to this was provided by a video posted by Ryo R. Tumpia—who goes by @itamkongbagaram on TikTok—which captured the deep confines of the sea when it was going through an earthquake. It was the best of both worlds. The footage was magnificent as well as terrifying for the viewers.

Image Source: TikTok/@brucediving
Image Source: TikTok | @itamkongbagaram

As the video began, everything was calm and composed, featuring divers exploring the undersea. It had clear blue water, corals, and several fishes roaming around in peace when suddenly the disaster came. Amid exploration, all at once, a fog-like structure began to come from the floor. Fishes huddled in a group and began moving to another place in unison. On the other hand, the divers were holding on to any solid thing they could find while the earthquake went down.

Image Source: TikTok/@brucediving
Image Source: TikTok | @itamkongbagaram

All the while, the water had no effect on it. There were some bubbles, but the earthquake could not break it or hurt it in the slightest. Not in the way it hurts massive buildings. It truly brings this indomitable fact to focus that nature is almighty. The nature survives, even when men and animals perish. As per the Instagram post by Tumpia, the earthquake took place in the Banda Sea surrounding the Maluku Islands of Indonesia. The diver also mentioned that the team faced a magnitude of 7.2 earthquake while underwater. The video has gained nearly 30K views on Instagram.

Ver esta publicación en Instagram

Una publicación compartida por Ryo R. Tumpia (@itamkongbagaram)


Also a PADI and RAID instructor, Tumpia's Instagram page is filled with many other marvels of underwater wonders that he has witnessed. The video was reposted on TikTok by Bruce Deng and it went viral gathering appreciation and amusement from users.

Image Source: TikTok/@itsacolleworld
Image Source: TikTok | @itsacolleworld

@frans_nath shared their experience and said, "Cool documentation. We were also diving at Hatta Island at that time, but already boarded the ship when there was an earthquake." While @wldanper1 asked how Tumpia felt when the earthquake hit underwater and said, "How does it feel under the water when an earthquake is felt? Seriously asking, bro."

Image Source: TikTok/@reinraingoaway
Image Source: TikTok | @reinraingoaway

People on TikTok also shared their views. @scorpio.xoxx pointed out the actions of fish during that time and wrote, "The fish started to swim around faster seconds before the earthquake happened." @murmanmanor shared their own experience in similar situations and commented, "I was on my boat when we had an earthquake in DC. The entire Potomac looked like it was boiling with bubbles everywhere. It sucked my boat downward too." @emilytietyen was surprised to see the effect brought on by the earthquake, "Wow I’ve never even thought about what it would be like while underwater scuba diving during an earthquake! Do the currents change?!"

Watch the full video here:

Ver esta publicación en Instagram

Una publicación compartida por Ryo R. Tumpia (@itamkongbagaram)


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