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Mom crying while waiting for to-go meal after autistic son has a meltdown gets touching note from server

The mom, after the outburst of her son, felt distressed but the server's reaction reinstated her faith in humanity.

Mom crying while waiting for to-go meal after autistic son has a meltdown gets touching note from server
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Clement Proust; Facebook | Jamie Mathews Heustess

Parenthood is like a mystery box. No one knows what and how the children will be like. There are moments when they seem like literal blessings from god and other times, they seem like beings sent on earth just to test their parents. Moreover, parents also don't get the help they need from their surroundings to get through this experience. They are made to feel like a nuisance if their child does something out of order. Seven years ago, a Cracker Barrell waitress showcased how a little help from people around them can completely turn an exhausting day around for the parents. The sweet waitress helped Jamie Mathews Heustess find some light on a stressful day. She shared the entire story on her Facebook.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ksenia Chernaya
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ksenia Chernaya

Heustess' son, Ian, has autism and often acts out when there is a sensory overload. Mostly, dinners with him are pleasant affairs, as he can go through them without any fuss. But on April 22, he had a lot on his plate. The mother wrote in the post, "Little man had awards day then karate followed by the famous joy of Walmart." By the time the family arrived at Cracker Barrell, he was already exhausted and was on the verge of a breakdown. The breakdown happened when his father gave him two "Finding Dory" toys. The toys contain within themselves mystery figurines from the movie. The boy really wanted Nemo but unfortunately did not get it.


The mother explained, "He does not understand it is the luck of the draw." The father took Ian home to soothe him, while the mother stayed back at the restaurant and broke down. She expressed her emotions at that point in the post and wrote, "So.....I am sitting waiting on a to-go order while Daddy takes him home.......Autism is not easy.....some days it totally sucks."


In the follow-up post, she shared how kindness and understanding from a waitress pulled her out of this distressed state. The waitress came to the table to take the order after seeing her cry. The mother, feeling guilty for the chaos, explained the whole situation. Heustess explained to the waitress that Ian was autistic and had a long day with "awards, karate, Wal-Mart." The waitress assured her it was no problem. The mother then gave a take-out order.


The waitress came 15 minutes later with her order. She then informed her there was no need to pay as it had been taken care of. It touched Heustess as someone responded to the situation with kindness rather than irritation. As she made her way out of the restaurant, she came across a note that further cemented her belief in the goodness of the world. The note read, "Your child is amazing Mommy, be strong. Keep your head up. You are doing a great job. Have a great night. Your server, Kailyn." This appreciation completely turned around Heustess' day. She wrote in the post, "In the midst of my own meltdown, she reached out with words of encouragement and a kind heart. I am very thankful."

Image Source: Facebook/Deanna Cattanach
Image Source: Facebook | Deanna Cattanach
Image Source: Facebook/ Rhonnie Brinsdon
Image Source: Facebook | Rhonnie Brinsdon

The comments section loved this story of kindness. Lisa Fulmer appreciated the gesture and also encouraged the mother, "God bless her sweet heart. You deserved this tonight. Ian is a great kid, Mama! Y'all are doing great. Love you, mucho!" Jennifer Sessions Taylor was delighted to read this tale of kindness and commented, "Awww, there are still good people in this world!! And she's right, you're doing a great job!"

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