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Hotel employee leaves scathing resignation letter after being overworked and undervalued

In her resignation letter, the disgruntled employee called out her boss for overlooking her for the management position she was promised.

Hotel employee leaves scathing resignation letter after being overworked and undervalued
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A frustrated hotel employee's triumphant resignation letter that's going viral on social media has sparked discussions about overperforming at one's job. The scathing letter caught the internet's attention after a Redditor with the username vinboslice420 shared a photo of the formal parting notification to the r/pics community with the caption: "Got locked out of my hotel room, went to find the front desk lady and this was on the counter." In the letter, which was upvoted over 183k times within a day, the woman — identified as Milly — expressed her disappointment and anger at being overlooked for a management position despite giving her all to the job.

"Since starting here, I've stepped up and had your back through many things. I have stepped into positions simply to ensure our guests have a great stay. I have gone above and beyond to accommodate not only our guests, but for you, employees, and the ever-changing schedule. Not only that, I have done it all with a smile on my face," she began. "We've spoken numerous times regarding a management position. When I expressed my interest in an AGM position, you told me those weren't available at the moment, but I was a great candidate for when one did become available."

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The disgruntled employee went on to remind her former boss — identified in the letter as someone named Brian — of the time he told her she'd be a great fit for the Director of Sales position. "Because I truly enjoyed my job, I never pushed the issue," Milly wrote. "I always figured you would tell me more when the time came." However, when the time came to reward Milly with the promotion she clearly deserved, Brian sent her an email saying that the hotel had hired a completely new manager. "When I asked you about it, you were cold and short," she wrote in her letter. "I asked you about it the next day and you told me, 'This discussion is over, Milly. You're being ridiculous.'"

"Being HURT, is not being ridiculous, Brian. I have worked my tail off; working doubles, coming in on my days off to do social, cleaning rooms, folding laundry, preparing breakfast, all while watching the front desk as well... Just for you to offer no explanation as to why a new manager was hired and I wasn't even considered? Then when I try having that conversation with you, BEING SHUT DOWN?" she continued.

"I have gone the extra mile for this hotel and its guests. I have PERSONALLY received many amazing and 5 star reviews on Google. I have cross-trained and LEARNED many different positions to keep this hotel afloat. I have put everything into this, and this is what I get in return?" Milly asked. "One of our guests once told me, 'They would never give you a promotion here because you do everything a manager should do in your current position. Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?' After having to cancel my flight in order to work due to being short-staffed, a friend of mine told me, 'They're just going to run you dry until they don't need you anymore.'"

Image Source: Reddit/vinboslice420

"Even in a time of need, you've still managed to make me feel unvalued in such a short amount of time. I have given this a great effort and got a huge slap in the face. I no longer want or need this for my life. Truthfully, I've stayed because of the genuine bond I've formed with our guests and because I respected you, Brian. I didn't want to see you or this hotel fail. However, I stepped up and you let me down. You've been quite rude with the discussions I've tried having lately. I would be treated better at McDonald's. In conclusion, I QUIT," she finished her resignation letter with a flair.

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