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Disabled woman gets scammed off $450 for a PS5, but gets sweet revenge by messing up his life

The scammer blocked her but Everette tracked him down until he returned the full amount and apologized.

Disabled woman gets scammed off $450 for a PS5, but gets sweet revenge by messing up his life
Image source: Twitter/@_BeeEv

Artist Brittany Everette turned the table on a scammer after he had swindled her off $450 that she had paid for a Playstation 5. Everette is a published artist specializing in creating surreal artwork using colored pencil and digital mediums. Everette wanted to get hold of the new PlayStation 5 at the time of its release but anyone who's remotely interested in gaming will tell you that is a near-impossible task. The consoles were sold out within seconds of hitting the market. There were a few people selling them online but you can never really know. When Everette learned of a person looking to sell a PS5 on Twitter, she was skeptical but still optimistic. She decided to take her chances. “This guy … reached out to me saying he was selling his PS5 digital edition that his fiancé gifted him because it was the wrong version. He was selling it at the regular price too,” tweeted Everette about the scam. She agreed to pay 50% of the price as down payment, and pay the rest on arrival. It turned out to be a scam but Everette did have the last laugh. Not only did her swindle her off the money, he claimed his daughter was sick to get her to pay the full amount. Everette, who's disabled and chronically ill, was empathetic and paid the amount but he disappeared after that. She tweeted the whole story:











































































Brittany Everette is also a brilliant artist. You can check out some of her work on Instagram and on her website. 




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