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Disabled person shares how their 'feathered friends in high places' took revenge on a bully neighbor

While tales like this might be hard to believe, other Reddit users confirmed that crows make for fiercely loyal friends.

Disabled person shares how their 'feathered friends in high places' took revenge on a bully neighbor
Cover Image Source: (L) Getty Images/Norbert Kurzka - Photography (representative), (R)Reddit/tempthethrowaway

One Reddit user had a particularly juicy story of revenge to share with the r/pettyrevenge forum last year when they recounted the tale of their "Feathered Friends in High Places." The unbelievable narrative of interspecies friendship was a firsthand account of what scientists have long believed to be true about crows: they possess incredible mental capacities. "So for background: The day we moved into this apartment complex our across-the-hall neighbors started bullying us. Why? We parked in the handicap spot next to the sidewalk to the building. Why? I'm handicapped," the Reddit user, who goes by u/tempthethrowaway on the platform, began.

"Turns out one of them liked to park one of his 6 project cars there (illegally) and us using it for its intended purpose was inconvenient to him. So we'd get a bunch of nasty letters. Eventually, this escalated to them filing false noise complaints against us," they revealed. "We are a very quiet, and introverted couple. We don't interact with people, we always wear headphones and do everything possible to cancel out any noise we make. We prefer to live in a way that most people don't know we're here."

In the midst of all the drama with their neighbors, the Reddit user discovered a "decent-sized crow population" and decided to become friends with the birds. "I've always liked them, so I decided to make friends. Spent some time doing research on them and their diets and went out and got some snacks that would be nutritious for them. Every couple of days I'd chop up some fruits and veggies and grains and take them out to their favorite tree in a little Tupperware box. I'd pick it up later and it would be empty. It got to the point where they'd know what days I was coming and gather in the tree. As soon as I started walking over they'd start calling out and more of them would show up," they shared.

Unsurprisingly, the bully neighbors hated the crows. "They were really mean to them, screaming, tossing things at them. In turn, the crows didn't like them," the Reddit user revealed. The friction with the neighbors came to head not long after when they witnessed one of them back into the Reddit user's car and take off. "I was visibly frustrated and screaming at them as they drove off. The police didn't much care, so that was a dead end. Or so I thought," they wrote. "A few days later I overheard the neighbors arguing. Apparently one of them wanted to set up cameras because someone was messing with his cars. He thought it was us. Claimed that there were small dents, scratches, and chips in his windshields. Other neighbors didn't want to deal with it."

Intrigued, the Reddit user and their partner kept watch on the windows facing the walkway and parking lot. "He did indeed set up small field cams facing both the walkway and his cars," they wrote. "It took a few weeks but I finally saw what was happening. I'd go feed the crows, then on the days between feedings, these clever little guys would fly over the parking lot, high enough to be out of view of the cams, and drop small rocks on our neighbor's cars. My friends were getting back at him for me. They moved a couple of years later. Crows kept it up the whole time while this dude slowly went insane trying to catch the vandals. I don't think they ever figured it out."

Image Source: Reddit/AussieBelgian

While such tales might usually be hard to believe, other Reddit users confirmed that crows make for fiercely loyal friends. "And this is why you don't piss off crows or ravens. They hold a fu**ing grudge and will even teach their children to hold that grudge," wrote mat3833. "I know someone who fed the local crows outside her office. Was introduced to juveniles, almost formally. One day as she was leaving the office to go home, someone tried to mug her. The crows descended on the mugger and chased him down the street," shared night-otter. 

Image Source: Reddit

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