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Daughter with disability enjoys BMX racing thanks to adorable Dad who pushes her stroller all the way

She suffered a brain stem stroke in 2018 but has been constantly trying to gather all life experiences she can.

Daughter with disability enjoys BMX racing thanks to adorable Dad who pushes her stroller all the way
Cover Image Source: Joy Davis/Instagram

Children with disabilities often miss out on crucial experiences due to a lack of accommodations for them. However, this father was adamant to let his daughter enjoy BMX racing. His daughter Emery was born with a port wine stain birthmark. Her mother, Joy Davis, shared on an Instagram post that it is "caused by malformations of blood vessels on the right side of her face as well as her brain." 

The child was diagnosed with "accompanying syndrome called Sturge Weber Syndrome at 5 months old." She started having seizures and when they grew extremely bad, brain surgery was recommended by the doctors. After the brain surgery on February 18, 2018, Emery "suffered a brain stem stroke." Up until that moment, she was working hard to live a normal life playing with the dog, laughing and playing. However, this stroke transformed her life and she was unresponsive for months. 


The mother was told, "by her Rehab Physician that Emery would be quadriplegic for the rest of her life." The diagnosis was extremely hard on her parents and her father was hopeful that she would walk again and even "decided to grow his beard out until she took those first steps again." However, that never happened and the family was forced to adapt to this new normal and help Emery make the most out of her life. 

Her father did exactly that and he worked towards providing Emery with every crucial experience in her like BMX racing, Joy shared that this year they went to a BMX racing where their daughter Elsie wanted to ride with a friend. However, when they watched Emery silently watching the kids have fun on the track they decided to ask the track owner if she can also do a lap in her stroller. She wrote in an Instagram Post, "We were hesitant and a little nervous because we’ve had our fair share of organizations tell us that our daughter couldn’t participate in their activities." 



Fortunately, the track owner agreed and now Emery races every week for Team Alen. The video posted by the mother shows the father joyously pushing her stroller and allowing her to have a beautiful experience on the track. Her mother revealed that she even receives fist bumps "from other riders and finally feels like she’s found something that makes her feel independent and happy."

This small activity fills the child up with joy and she is "happier and gets giddy talking about racing." She is non-verbal but communicates her excitement every week as they head to the track to race or practice. After seeing her videos on the track, a local company, Ken Garff St. George Ford provided the track with two strollers for children with disabilities encouraging other parents to take their children to the track.



Joy wrote in one of her Instagram posts, "She was robbed of the life she had and loved. There are days of anger and frustration. And that’s okay. There are also days that feel full—where we almost feel whole. And it’s the combination of hope and acceptance that make our story beautiful and miraculous in its own way."

Even after suffering through medical hardships at such a young age, Emery has become one of the pioneers in the USA BMX community as one of the first riders with a disability. 


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