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Diner takes a stand against influencer couple who ruined his lunch just for their content

A man's bold refusal to allow influencers to photograph his food garners online support, as people rally around him.

Diner takes a stand against influencer couple who ruined his lunch just for their content
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Anna Shvets, Reddit/u/123myopia

Going out to eat is a joyous occasion for many individuals. But sometimes, such experiences can be quickly soured by the way certain individuals behave. This is especially true in the case of individuals obsessed with sharing everything on social media and taking pictures of their food. u/123myopia shared a story about how a lunch with their friends was ruined by social media influencers. The post has got 6.2K upvotes and 1.3K comments on the platform.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | fauxels
Representative Image Source: Pexels | fauxels

The individual shares that they went out for lunch with their friends, who invited a couple who were influencers on social media. Their friends informed them that more people would be there but they did not know there were going to be influencers present. They write, "We all ordered and as a side note, every single thing that was discussed at that table basically became content on their next couple of videos." By the time their food arrived, everybody at the table was really hungry.

The influencer couple, however, would not let anybody else eat as they wanted to take pictures of the food. The individual patiently waited for two minutes as they took pictures from various angles. But their patience began to run out and they eventually told the couple, "Sorry guys, It's my cheat day and I'm really hungry" and began to eat. After the group was done with the meal, the couple wanted reviews from everybody at the table.

The individual refused as they had just met the couple and were not comfortable with being featured on their social media. The influencers get mad at the individual for refusing the review and not letting them take enough pictures of the food, which would help out with their content. Some of the others at the table also supported the influencers. In an edit to the post, the individual mentioned that everybody had to pay for themselves and that the influencers also had full-time jobs.

People on the platform sided with the individual's stance in the comments section. u/jpb said, "NTA. They clearly have a bad case of Main Character Syndrome. They can waste all the time they want photographing their own food, you're not obligated to accommodate their influencer crap in any way. Let me guess - they said you should be happy for being on their feeds because it'll help you get followers."


Image Source: Reddit/u/Fabulous-Tartlet
Image Source: Reddit/u/Fabulous-Tartlet


Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

u/very_unconsciously commented, "NTA. You can't really expect privacy if you are eating in a public place. But you absolutely should expect to be able to eat your meal on your terms, without people interfering in any way. And you certainly can decide whether you want to contribute to their social media or not." u/Practical_Fill_6052 added, "NTA. Unless they were paying for everyone’s lunch there’s no reason to wait to eat. If someone wants to take 100 pictures of their own food, fine, but I’m going to be eating mine while they do that!"

u/ZombieeKiitten expressed, "Definitely NTA. I don't think I'd mind them taking a quick snap of my food, maybe even a short video of the whole table of food, without me in it. Anything beyond that is ridiculous. I'm hungry and I wanna eat! Personally, I genuinely cannot be doing with 'influencers.'"

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