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Diner amused as they realize the hilarious truth behind the bewildering charge in their bill

A man went to a restaurant to celebrate his wife's birthday, but somehow ended up by receiving a surprising charge of $15 on his bill.

Diner amused as they realize the hilarious truth behind the bewildering charge in their bill
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/KnightOfChronos

Sometimes, life throws unexpected surprises our way, and they can take on various forms. In this particular tale, the unexpected surprise was of the financial kind, and it all unfolded in a bar and restaurant in Oregon. As is often the case in the service industry, encounters with rude customers are not uncommon but rarely do these interactions result in any tangible consequences. However, on this occasion, one customer was in for an amusing shock when he examined his restaurant bill and discovered an additional charge of $15 discreetly labeled as "You're an A*****e."

Image Source: Reddit | u/KnightOfChronos
Image Source: Reddit | u/KnightOfChronos

This intriguing incident gained widespread attention after the customer, u/KnightOfChronos, shared a snapshot of his peculiar receipt on Reddit's "r/pics," a platform designated for photographs, images and assorted visual content. Naturally, the online community was intrigued by this unusual charge and sought to unravel the mystery behind it. The receipt showcased the standard charges for their culinary choices, including an $18 expenditure for a fried chicken sandwich, $26 for carbonara pasta, $13 for brown butter cake with a side of ice cream, and $13 for a cocktail. However, amidst these conventional entries, there was a seemingly unconventional surcharge of $15, adorned with the candid label "You're an A*****e." Thankfully, there was also a redeeming birthday discount of $10 applied to his wife's portion. Altogether, the bill tallied up to $75.

Image Source: Reddit |
Image Source: Reddit | u/pauliewotsit

Reddit users, ever inquisitive, began speculating about the backstory of this atypical addition to the bill. Was it a response to the customer's behavior during their dining experience? One user asked the burning question, "Were you? If not, why do you think she included this comment and the fee?" In response, another user shared their own behind-the-scenes experience, admitting to occasionally jotting down humorous notes about customers but assured that these notes did not appear on the final receipts. Now, the crucial question lingered: What prompted this unusual charge? Had the customer's demeanor warranted such a unique fee?

The answer, as it turned out, was more humorous than offensive. The seemingly scathing "You're an A*****e" charge was, in fact, merely the name of one of the restaurant's creatively named cocktails. The customer had, unintentionally, ordered a drink with an unconventional moniker and had entirely forgotten about it by the time the bill arrived, hence his initial bewilderment.

The clever naming scheme behind the cocktail seamlessly aligned with the restaurant's penchant for amusing and irreverent names displayed throughout their menu. For instance, the fried chicken sandwich appeared on the receipt as "fried chicken tit," adding an extra layer of humor to the dining experience. In retrospect, everything ended on a light-hearted note, with no actual rudeness involved. The customer playfully shared the context, revealing that he and his wife had dined at the restaurant for her birthday, both enjoying cocktails. He admitted, "I completely forgot the name of the cocktail by the time the receipt came but its name was 'You're an A*****e, Mr. Burton.' Lmao, it definitely caught me by surprise."

Image Source: Reddit |
Image Source: Reddit | u/lufecaep

While the situation turned out to be a humorous misunderstanding, some individuals couldn't help but contemplate the idea of servers being able to levy such charges on difficult customers. One person even expressed their desire for waitstaff to have the ability to add service charges like this, to which the original poster surprisingly concurred, stating, "I used to be a waiter and there were times I seriously wanted to tack on a 'F*** you' charge." Amidst the humor and the unexpected twist in the story, the customer didn't forget to commend the restaurant's culinary offerings. He particularly praised the humorously named "fried chicken tit," labeling it a "great sandwich." In the end, the establishment left a memorable impression, not just for its quirky cocktail names, but also for its ability to serve up a lighthearted surprise that had the internet abuzz with laughter and amusement.

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