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Fashion designer helps brides revamp their heirloom wedding gowns into modern couture pieces

Lovell Faye is incredibly skillful in giving heirloom wedding gowns a modern spin for the trendy brides of today.

Fashion designer helps brides revamp their heirloom wedding gowns into modern couture pieces
Cover Image Source: TikTok/lovellfaye

Many families still follow the tradition of passing down a wedding gown through the generations but the bride-to-be might not always like the design or pattern on the gown. That's where fashion designer Lovell Faye from Dallas comes in. Her expertise is in transforming old wedding gowns into new trendier ones, and she's amazing at her work.


According to InspireMore, she started sewing as a child and got a degree in textile and apparel management. An internship with a bridal designer in New York is what helped her find her passion for bridal fashion. She loves being part of someone's big day and likes to take on the challenge of revamping old gowns into stylish new garments.


Lovell told Good Morning America: "A lot of brides reach out that are like three-generational dresses. Their grandmother wore the dress, their mother wore the dress, and then their aunt wore the dress, and now it’s their dress. I’ve gotten a lot of brides that have come to me where their mother has passed away, and it would mean the world to them if I could incorporate their mother’s wedding dress into their wedding day."


She does not only help with wedding gowns but also with bridesmaids' dresses and other clothes as well. She has turned old wedding gowns into two-piece sets and old dresses into perfect new-age bridesmaid dresses. 


Lovell sees it as an honor to be part of a couple's special day and she can't think of doing anything else. “It’s so special, honestly, that these brides are trusting me to help them design something, turning something old into something new,” she said. 


She has uploaded many photos and videos of working on these dresses on her Instagram and for Lavell, the best part is “when I get to see the photos and their reactions, it really, I really felt like I was meant for this.”


Speaking of brides and dresses, a woman named Simone Crouch was in search of her perfect wedding dress. She couldn't find it anywhere. But one day, when she was going through Instagram, she saw a woman called Emily Heath wearing her dream dress. She had worn it for her wedding three years ago. 

Crouch messaged her on the platform. She said, "I reached out to Emily and she responded to me and I got like a glimpse of hope." Heath and Crouch felt like they were "meeting up with old friends" and that they have known each other for a long time. Crouch then requested to buy Heath's wedding dress. She initially declined but later agreed to lend it to her as long as Crouch returned it. So, Heath shipped the lace-grown to Crouch's mother in the UK. Her mother then brought the dress to Johannesburg for her daughter's wedding. The dress was from the Rue de Seine brand.


Later, she invited Heath and her husband to her wedding in Johannesburg and they flew all the way from the US for it. Heath said, "Just the feeling that I got to, like, add that piece to her wedding day... made me feel really good and it made me feel like I had done the right thing, sending my dress down there." 

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