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Dentist explains why this common morning mistake of coffee lovers ruins their teeth

A dentist who has been practicing medicine for the past 10 years points out one common mistake coffee lovers are making in the morning.

Dentist explains why this common morning mistake of coffee lovers ruins their teeth
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @dr.shaadi.manouchehri

It is quite normal for many people to have coffee first thing in the morning and then brush their teeth. However, a dentist advises against it. Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri, a dentist for the past 10 years—who goes by @dr.shaadi.manouchehri on Instagram—shared in a video why brushing after having coffee can be bad for your teeth. "Never brush your teeth after you have just had coffee," the dentist shared.

Image Source: Instagram | @dr.shaadi.manouchehri
Image Source: Instagram | @dr.shaadi.manouchehri

Manouchehri then went on to give the reasoning for it. "Coffee is quite acidic, especially if you add milk and sugar, which can make the acidity even worse, same concept if you go and brush your teeth straight away. You are rubbing acid onto the tooth and wearing the tooth away," she said. She advised everyone to wait at least 30 to 60 minutes before brushing their teeth. She added, "You don't actually have to brush your teeth, just rinse out with some mouthwash or drink water or drink water."

Image Source: Instagram | @dr.shaadi.manouchehri
Image Source: Instagram | @dr.shaadi.manouchehri

Besides that, she shared two other occasions when people should not brush their teeth. She spoke about why one should not brush after vomiting. "The contents of the stomach are extremely acidic and your teeth are made up of minerals, so when the contents of the stomach have come into the mouth, then the mouth is very acidic and if you brush straight away, you are rubbing that acid onto the tooth even more." She asked people to wait for 30 to 60 minutes before brushing their teeth after vomiting. 

Similarly, she requested people to brush their teeth before breakfast instead of after it. "Because if you brush straight away, you are going to be damaging your enamel and actually, when you first wake up in the morning, you have quite a lot of bacteria in your mouth and that needs to be brushed before you have your breakfast," she shared.

Image Source: Instagram | @dr.shaadi.manouchehri
Image Source: Instagram | @dr.shaadi.manouchehri

People in the comments found the advice helpful. @saretta.polpetta_ commented, "'Never brush your teeth after you've had coffee'... I *sipping on coffee.*" @angelab1006 wrote, "No one ever taught me this, why? So we can get more cavities and probably get more dental profits." @yaelrachel97 expressed, "I always brush my teeth before breakfast and everyone is like, 'Why would you brush your teeth before you eat?' I love being right." @circus_circles said, "I honestly don't know how brushing your teeth isn't the first thing everyone does in the morning." @jonahlupton commented, "So I've been brushing my teeth wrong my whole life."

Image Source: Instagram | @dr.shaadi.manouchehri
Image Source: Instagram | @dr.shaadi.manouchehri

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You can follow Dr. Shaadi Manouchehri (@dr.shaadi.manouchehri) on Instagram for more content on dental hygiene.

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