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'Please don't patronize me': Watch Democrat Katie Porter dunk on oil exec, shut him up

The lawmaker from California scolded the oil executive for falsely claiming the industry didn't enjoy a special tax rule.

'Please don't patronize me': Watch Democrat Katie Porter dunk on oil exec, shut him up
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Katie Porter dragged an oil company executive through the mud after he tried to argue that his industry doesn’t get any special tax breaks. Porter didn't need to whip out her famous whiteboard as she called the executive's bluff. Katie Porter, a House Representative from California, was recently appointed as chair of the House Natural Resources subcommittee on oversight. She was one of several Democrats to introduce legislation to raise royalty rates on oil and gas companies for the first time in over a century. Mark Murphy, president of Strata Production Co. tried to argue that the oil industry didn't enjoy a special tax rule during a video hearing but the Democrat wasn't having any of it, reported The Huffington Post.


"Don't Patronize Me"
“There seems to be a misconception out there that you’re operating from that somehow the oil and gas industry have benefits from some special sort of tax structure. We don’t,” said Mark Murphy in a subcommittee video hearing on Tuesday. Porter interrupted the oil executive and called him out for blatantly lying. “You do benefit from special rules,” said Porter. “There’s a special tax rule for intangible drilling costs that do not apply to other kinds of expenses that businesses have. You get to deduct 70% of your costs immediately, and other businesses have to amortize their expenses over their entire profit stream." Katie Porter laid down the marker for the hearing and threatened to take away the special treatment afforded to the industry. "Please don’t patronize me by telling me that the oil and gas industry doesn’t have any special tax provisions. Because if you would like that to be the rule, I would be happy to have Congress deliver,” said Porter before yielding back her time.


The hearing happened just a week after the lawmaker introduced the Ending Taxpayer Welfare for Oil and Gas Companies Act. Katie Porter, a progressive Democrat, has been vocal about addressing climate change and holding polluters accountable. She has called for stricter protections for the environment, including tougher restrictions on fossil fuel companies. She also serves on the Energy and Mineral Resources and the Public Lands and National Parks subcommittees.


Kaite Porter's famous whiteboard
The lawmaker is known for schooling big business executives by using a whiteboard as a visual aid. Katie Porter does a lot of research before quizzing them armed with detailed stats. She often uses hypothetical situations to expose big business executives. Porter has become incredibly popular online thanks to her ability to succinctly sum up a problem. One of her standout moments in her career came when she secured free Coronavirus testing for all Americans after grilling CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield. Porter pulled out her famous whiteboard and detailed the costs of getting tested for Coronavirus which totaled $1,331. “I did the math,” she declared. She then stated that 40 percent of Americans wouldn't be able to afford a $400 unexpected expense, let alone a $1300 bill.



She got the CDC director to state on record that it was imperative for every American to get tested to control the pandemic in the control, before demanding that Dr. Redfield make Coronavirus testing for every American. “Dr. Redfield, will you commit to the CDC, right now, using that existing authority to pay for diagnostic testing, free to every American, regardless of insurance?” asked Porter. Dr. Redfield hesitated before trying to make what seemed like an empty promise. He said the CDC was “going to do everything to make sure everybody can get the care they need”, but he was cut off Porter, who said, “Nope, not good enough. Reclaiming my time.”




She then reminded him that he had complete authority to make Coronavirus testing free without the need to consult anyone else. She read a statute that states the CDC director “may authorize payment for the care and treatment of individuals subject to medical examination, quarantine, isolation, and conditional release”. She put him on the spot repeatedly before the CDC director committed to it, but only after he tipped his hat to her. “I think you’re an excellent questioner, so my answer is yes.” Porter then urged all of America to go get tested for free. “Excellent. Everybody in America hear that – you are eligible to go get tested for coronavirus and have that covered, regardless of insurance,” announced Porter triumphantly.


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