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Delta passenger shares how they were denied a banana from the lounge, sparking funny protest

They shared a small yet significant incident when they were reported for taking one single banana from the airport's lounge.

Delta passenger shares how they were denied a banana from the lounge, sparking funny protest
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Aleksandar Pasaric; Reddit | u/zaftpunjab

Frequent travelers are all too familiar with the pangs of hunger. Long waits, scant food choices, and thrown-off sleep schedules leave most travelers feeling famished and weary. In these moments, reaching for a piece of fruit at the airport lounge seems like a perfectly reasonable move. Reddit user u/zaftpunjab, however, had a different experience when they were reported for taking a banana from the lounge of the Delta Sky Club at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Luis Quintero
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Luis Quintero

The individual writes in the post, "Someone tells me this is all a nightmare and my $700 a year isn't a complete waste. I just wanted a banana." In an edit to the post, the individual mentions that this was the first time they had been subject to this kind of experience in all their years of flying. They even remember the time at which the incident occurred because they sent their boyfriend a text, sharing what happened. Individuals were quite shocked to hear about such treatment and shared how they had very different experiences with lounges in the comments section.

u/ChangeFuzzy1845 commented, "An employee at the Sky Club in Atlanta saw me putting some cheese and meat in a napkin, and he made me an entire charcuterie plate and wrapped it up and brought it to me (He did not ask me beforehand; he just did it)." Another user, u/Nasty_Ned, hilariously shared, "I stuck two bags of peanuts in my backpack. Also, a package of vanilla cookies. I'm a hardened criminal now. I won't share the Sky Club location so it takes them longer to break up my criminal syndicate."

u/YMMV25 inquired, "Got 'reported by who exactly? And what did they tell you?" The individual replied, clarifying, "A Delta rep! I said, 'What if I put the banana in my bag, but no one sees it?' And she said, 'You've already been reported, and I need to confiscate the banana and throw it away.' I said, 'What?' She said, 'Yeah, it has to be thrown away now.' I almost started crying. I was so hungry and late."

Image Source: Reddit | u/Apprehensiveduckx
Image Source: Reddit | u/Apprehensiveduckx

Amused and appalled by the representative's logic, the internet retaliated against the airline with a wave of comical protests. The airline's house rules state that "food and beverages may not be removed from any Delta Sky Club." So, people on the internet did just that and began to flood the internet with proof of how they were indulging in banana thefts all over the country. u/Apprehensiveduckx, put up a post holding a banana in their hand with a caption saying, "I made sure they saw me take it."

Image Source: Reddit | u/NailOk2285
Image Source: Reddit | u/NailOk2285

u/NailOk2285 even went to the extent of posting a funny AI-generated image of a terrified individual holding an opened banana at the Delta Sky Club lounge. He is surrounded by pilots who are pointing at the banana in shock. u/EllemNovelli put up a post detailing how they were successfully "smuggling" bananas from the lounge. They conclude the post by stating, "I made it out successfully!"

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