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Delivery man apologized and replaced a broken flower pot with a heartwarming note

They had ordered food for delivery when the delivery person accidentally knocked over a pot on their porch.

Delivery man apologized and replaced a broken flower pot with a heartwarming note
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @EliMcCann

Sometimes people, with their small gestures, make the world a better place. It might be just leaving a thank you note for somebody who helped or apologizing for a mistake they made. It could be as small as leaving a heartfelt note of gratitude or taking responsibility for a mistake. A similar incident involving a delivery person has captured the hearts of many online. This individual went above and beyond by apologizing and replacing a customer's broken flower pot while delivering their food.

The incident was shared on Twitter by @EliMcCann on May 28, 2023. He wrote that his husband had ordered food that night and the delivery person who brought the food “accidentally knocked over a pot” on their porch.


“He called to apologize and offered to pay for it and I heard the husband say, ‘That could happen to anyone and you are a sweetheart who doesn't need to worry about this,” McCann wrote. “Imagine if everyone was like this sweet man. Also, the guy who called was a sweetheart. I agree with Skylar.”

He went on to add an update a few days later. McCann shared, “The food delivery guy just dropped this off. I caught him as I was pulling up to the house and he was so sweet. I told him I tweeted about the interaction and that it went viral and he got a kick out of that.”




The post included a picture of a new brown pot and a heartwarming note from the delivery person called Jordan. The note reads, “Hello, it’s your Uber Eats driver Jordan. I wanted to give you the pot as a replacement for the one I knocked over on Sunday evening. I hope it was not a gift or had sentimental value to you. Also, thank you for being so kind about it. I know this one is probably not as nice, but I hope you can find a use for it.”




The post went viral, garnering about 2.4 million views and many on the social media platform loved Jordan’s kind gesture. @pecunium commented, “I think he just created sentimental value for this one; so it might not be ‘as nice,’ but I'll wager it's also better.” @Purpleminutes wrote, “Jordan is a total darling! He deserves all the good things in life. He also has very good taste in pots.”




@katybumble expressed, “Good people exist. Thank you for celebrating the good. Too often, we just complain about the bad.” @Nana_Tweets7 shared, “That is the cutest, most thoughtful thing ever. The fact they even thought to mention whether the pot had sentimentality value — omg, what a sweetheart.”


Such genuine gestures from people like Jordan always bring a smile to people’s faces and make them believe that there is still humanity left. So do try to spread kindness to others. It could just mean being nice to someone who is having a bad day or greeting somebody on the road whom you come across almost every day.


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