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Delivery man leaves heartfelt note thanking person for tipping, highlights the importance of being kind

The woman tipped him $100 for a $60 order and showed him the kindness he needed on Christmas Eve.

Delivery man leaves heartfelt note thanking person for tipping, highlights the importance of being kind
Cover Image Source: Reddit/southwesthex

In a world that is dealing with a climate crisis, a pandemic, and political issues at every given moment, kindness is more important than ever. Inflation and unemployment are on the rise, and people are struggling to make ends meet. In times like these, little acts of kindness—even something as simple as tipping service workers—can prove to be extraordinarily helpful. A Reddit user named Vivica, who goes by u/southwesthex on the platform, recently tipped her DoorDash delivery person generously and it was exactly what he needed.

Getty Images | Tomekbudujedomek
Getty Images | Tomekbudujedomek


Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

The delivery person left a heartfelt letter in her mailbox in response to her generosity. Moved by his heartwarming words, Vivica shared the letter on Reddit. It reads: "My name is xxxxx and I have been delivering with DoorDash since October due to job loss. I have delivered to your home many times, and I recognize your name, as it is uncommon. On Christmas Eve I decided to Dash to pay for a tank of gas. I got 3 orders that night, the final was yours. Your generous tip baffled me."

He added that he "cried all the way home" and held his three children "very close that night." He continued: "I told them how important it is to be kind to others and be generous when you can; that doing so could make someone's day, and to never expect gratitude in return. However, I made sure that they knew to always show appreciation for others' gratitude and I mentioned your name." He concluded the letter by writing: "We are so very grateful for you, from the bottom of our hearts and your kindness." 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

The letter got over 129k upvotes and hundreds of comments from Reddit users appreciating Vivica's kindness and the delivery person's response to it. Reddit user u/donja77 commented, "I love that you gave such a generous tip, but also that the dasher took the time to write you a beautiful note. It doesn't take long to do something like that, and it means the world! Good on both of you!"

Another user, Vashgrave, added: " 'Be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle.' You are good people. I wish your belly always full, your glass always topped up, and the company you keep as quality as you."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

One Reddit user went ahead and asked how much Vivica tipped the delivery person and she replied: "I tipped $100 on a $60 order." Some also shared their own stories of acts of kindness. Reddit user SmashScrapeFlip wrote: "I live in a small town and only have about 5 regular dashers around me but I'm disabled so I use them all the time. I tip them very well. Having this available has made my life so much easier and they really take good care of me. On more than one occasion they've carried groceries upstairs for me. Door Dash does all kinds of things like grocery shop and picks up packages for you too." 

Another user, DebtFreeSince93, commented, "I tipped $100 once before on a massive pizza order, and the driver completed the delivery in front of me and I saw their entire body just freeze in shock."


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