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Delivery driver dances with infectious joy after being gifted a vest: 'I love this so much'

She asks the person who gave her the vest if it was really hers and he says, 'Yes.' She goes and hugs him before leaving the facility.

Delivery driver dances with infectious joy after being gifted a vest: 'I love this so much'
Cover Image Source: TikTok/

Some people can teach us important lessons in life by being just the way they are. And that’s what this woman did. In a post uploaded on Reddit by u/Rheinmetal, the overlay text reads: “We gave our UPS lady a vest.” In the video, the woman—who is a delivery driver—can be seen dancing with joy after being gifted a vest by a store on her delivery route.

She starts shouting and dancing around with infectious happiness in the video. After a while, she asks the person who gave her the vest if it was really hers and he says, “Yes.” She gives him a hug before dancing out the door. She shouts, “Let’s go,” in the end. The person recording the video can be heard laughing throughout the time, thrilled by the driver’s heartwarming response to their gift.

Image Source: TikTok/
Image Source: TikTok/

The video has gained over 30k upvotes. It is captioned, “Delivery driver gets gifted a vest.” People on social media enjoyed the woman’s response to being given a gift. u/areodjarekput commented, “My favorite part of this video is the dude that gave it to her is also wearing a vest.” u/LaionneEcossaise wrote, “Her pure joy is so heartwarming!” u/19nickel19 mentioned, “So awesome to treat your drivers like this!”

u/shyladivine pointed out, “People like her are lights that shine brightly in this world and make it a better place.” u/GoddyssIncognito expressed, “It is so gratifying when you give a person something they really want and they get excited about it!! Love this video! Love her!” u/ApprehensiveHat8772 wrote, “That’s what happens when you're a great delivery person... And take care of your customers, they take care of you..!! I’ve deluding the city of South Florida for 43 yrs. There are still people out there that appreciate you for what you do for them.”

Image Source: TikTok/
Image Source: TikTok/

The video was originally posted by a company called Bricks & Wood on their TikTok page. The video is captioned, “Didn't know our day would start off with so much joy.” It has more than 230k views and 49k likes. TikTok user @KendrikMywers wrote, “I would give her a new piece of clothing until she had the whole outfit just for that reaction.” @itsamsamjpg commented, “I love this so much! I love how you guys bring your community together and share the love.”

@cruzabigail423 expressed, “She is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen so appreciative y’all are the best!!! @peach.moons commented, “UPS drivers are the best! My parents had the same ups driver for 15 years when they had a business. They became best friends [with] him.”


Gifts always need to be thoughtful and something that the person would enjoy. A son sewed a shirt for his dad and his reaction to it was the best. In a TikTok video posted by @daddyfiles, the son tells his dad, "I got a shirt that I made at a sewing class." Aaron asks, "You made that for me?"

"Yes," the boy explains, "I did the buttons and I did the button holes." 

Pointing at the back pleat in the shirt, he adds, "I had this little thing in the back, I don't know what it's called. But I made it myself and it was hard because I just so over a bunch of fabric but I got stuck a couple of times."

Image Source: TikTok/ @daddyfiles
Image Source: TikTok/ @daddyfiles

When his dad asks why he selected this design for him, he says, "I chose this pattern because it just looks cool to me. It stands out to me. And it goes with jeans like you usually wear." The video concludes with the boy's father asking if he can wear this shirt to dinner and his son agrees. "Thank you, buddy, you're so talented," says the father. This adorable video soon went viral with more than 11 million views. It is captioned, "Sam made me a shirt! Wow."

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