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Netizens debate whether it was right for a couple to get engaged at their friends' wedding

A viral TikTok video has once again sparked the age-old question of whether proposing at a friend's wedding is the ultimate sign of friendship or just rude.

Netizens debate whether it was right for a couple to get engaged at their friends' wedding
Cover Image Source: TikTok/laiivve

There are a few unspoken rules to keep in mind when attending a wedding: Don't wear white unless you're the one getting married, don't flirt with the bride/groom, be mindful that your mobile does not ring in the middle of the ceremony, and the most important of them all: do not, under any circumstances, do anything that could take the attention away from the couple of the hour. That includes getting down on one knee at someone else's wedding — a wedding they probably spent a lot of time and money on — to pop the big question to your significant other. 

A viral TikTok video making the rounds of the internet now has once again sparked the age-old question of whether this is the ultimate sign of friendship, or just plain rudeness. Surprisingly, while typically the bulk of the criticism is directed at the proposer, in this case, the groom is the one getting roasted online. The groom, Laiven Bene, opened up a flood of "How could yous" after he uploaded the video of his best friend proposing to his girlfriend at Bene's wedding reception. In the video, Bene's bride Catrin is seen gearing up to throw the bouquet — the age-old tradition wherein whoever catches the bouquet is next in line to be married — before she turns around and surprises her friend by handing her the bouquet.

Image source: TikTok/laiivee

Catrin then spins the woman around to reveal her future husband on one knee and holding a ring while the rest of the wedding party goes crazy over all the love in the air. While Bene and Catrin seem to have been more than happy to share their big day, a number of netizens weren't happy about them being upstaged at their own wedding. Many said they wouldn't allow their friends to pull such a stunt at their wedding and that it was rude of the newly engaged couple to have done it.


"You wait your whole life for the perfect wedding day just for someone else to make it about them. I'm a good friend but would never allow this," wrote one user, while another called it a "definite no go." A TikTok user named Nikki Hamilton felt so strongly about it that they even went as far as to make a separate video sharing their thoughts on proposals at weddings. "No shade to them [...] but if one of my friends tried to pull this stunt at my f***ing wedding, you best bet I will throw them out," they said. "My wedding equals my day. You can get proposed to literally any other f***ing day. But not my damn wedding day."


Speaking to Daily Mail, Bene revealed that he planned the proposal because he wanted to make his wedding to Catrin on November 15 last year extra memorable. Although he merely "wanted to do something special and different" during their wedding reception, Bene was surprised to receive "stupid" backlash from female social media users many of whom said that the proposal "wrecked" the wedding. Despite being criticized for it, the groom said the moment was "magical" and that he and Catrin were "more than happy to give two minutes out of our night to our best mates."


Meanwhile, there were some who supported the bride, groom, and newly-engaged couple. "That is real friendship right there!" one user commented. "The bride was secure enough to know that that wouldn't take away the shine from her and allowed her bestie to experience her own joy and that moment!" Another wrote: "To share such special memories with your bestie for the rest of your lives. An amazing friendship and love." Meanwhile, one netizen said that they would do the same thing for their best friend "in a heartbeat." To each their own, I suppose.

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