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Deaf Uber driver's wholesome note for passengers is melting hearts across the internet

An Uber driver has become a delightful example to many through his thoughtful gesture to make passengers feel welcomed and comfortable during rides.

Deaf Uber driver's wholesome note for passengers is melting hearts across the internet
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Oleksandr P; X | @jeremyaabbott

A simple gesture can light up someone's day, and Uber driver Onur has mastered this art. For years, Onur, who is deaf, has welcomed passengers with a heartwarming note. One passenger, @milkieway_, shared her touching experience on X, describing the special poster Onur has attached to the back of the front seat headrest. “This was the purest thing, we love Onur!” she wrote.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Norma Mortenson
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Norma Mortenson

In the note, Onur has laid out a nice plan for passengers to talk with him, “Hi! I’m Onur. Welcome to my Uber. I am deaf, so if you need to tell me something, please text me or when we’ve stopped, you can write it in your notepad to show me.” Apart from welcoming the passengers, Onur’s note had another heartwarming message. It read, “You can use the AUX cable to play your music. If you have anything with a strong bass, I will enjoy it too. Thanks for bearing with me and have a great day.” In a thread, the woman mentioned how she wished she had known sign language to thank the driver.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio

“I said to my friends when we got out that I wish I knew ASL so I could say thank you! I’m going to learn the basics now.” To her delight, Onur (@OnurKerey) saw her post and thanked her for her kind words. Many commenters shared their own experiences with Onur and expressed their appreciation for his thoughtfulness. @sudo_rm_ said, “This made me happy. the simplest form of happiness.” @ItalianDoll1 remarked, “He’s a breath of fresh air. A ray of sunshine in a dark world.” @iameldiablito shared, “I had a similar experience lately on a late-night ride home. I quickly looked up how to sign ‘thank you’ before I was dropped off. It never even dawned on me that I’d have a driver that was hearing impaired. I am thankful to have had the situation open my eyes.” 




@darshu790 added, “I witnessed one such message from my Ola driver last month. He sounded very weird on the phone. As soon as I sat in his car, I saw this board and I understood.” The note shared in the thread read, “Dear Customer, I apologize if you were disturbed by my bad voice. Please forgive me. My vocal cords are paralyzed.”

Another passenger, @jeremyaabbott, had something similar to say about his experience with Onur. He wrote in his caption, “I have just entered the most wholesome Uber of my entire life. Big ups, Onur, absolute hero.”



Onur’s wholesome note melted hearts across the internet. @JoeMcNamara8 wrote, “I’ve been in a similar one with a note on the back saying to tap him on the shoulder if you needed to stop or let him know something. Brilliant drivers as well never felt safer in a car.” @pauljohnstone92 said, “This just filled my heart with absolute joy.” @Jai31 chimed in, “My husband is registered as deaf. This Uber driver is killing it!! Best thing I’ve seen on the internet this year!!”



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