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Daycare drops tuition fee to $0 for family's last few weeks after 11-year-long relationship

'Our boys have had very little issues learning in school and I think it's due to a great job our daycare did to help them prepare,' wrote the parent.

Daycare drops tuition fee to $0 for family's last few weeks after 11-year-long relationship
Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/myKidsLike2Scream

It can sometimes be surprising to know how people show kindness to one another. Such instances can make one believe that there is still some goodness left in the world and one must not lose hope. A person on Reddit recently shared the most heartwarming note they received from their children's daycare.

It was captioned, "After 11 years, our daycare dropped our tuition to $0 for the last few weeks we are with them." The note was posted by u/myKidsLike2Scream and read, "Due to the fact that your three amazing sons have been a part of [the daycare name] family for OH SO MANY years, and this is the last (sniff sniff) few weeks with us, your tuition is being adjusted to $0 per week! Thank you for your loyalty and awesomeness!"

Image Source: Pexels/ Naomi Shi
Image Source: Pexels/ By Naomi Shi

The parent added in a comment below the note: "It was unexpected, but it saves us a chunk of change. Our boys have had very little issues learning in school and I think it's due to a great job our daycare did over the years to help them prepare."

Cover Image Source: Reddit/u/myKidsLike2Scream
Image Source: Reddit/u/myKidsLike2Scream

The post gained over 12k upvotes on Reddit within a day. Social media users were thrilled to see such a gesture from a daycare. u/orgasmic_aneurysm commented, "Very sweet gesture from the school, however, I'm wondering how 11 years of daycare works? Is this for like 3 kids or is daycare longer than I thought? Nonetheless happy for your good turn of fortune."

u/cvette_99 wrote, "Very nice! I paid our daycare close to $110,000 for my two kids, it would have been more but we pulled our daughter out early due to covid." u/-HammerThyme- expressed, "Okay that’s making me tear up. I freaking love nice humans." u/Rselby1122 shared, "Aww that’s so sweet! I’m sure they will miss you all after a whole decade!" 

Image Source: Reddit/ u/getyourcheftogether
Image Source: Reddit/ u/getyourcheftogether

Meanwhile, Reddit user u/JamminJcruz suggested, "Buy them some type of gift basket thingy with a family photo and a thank you letter in return." The parent responded, "We were going to use a week's worth of tuition and buy them a gift card to buy the employees lunch."

Showing kindness to a stranger really can make a huge difference in their life. This was demonstrated in a beautiful video posted on Reddit by u/esberat which shows a child struggling to cross a road. She has a fracture on her left leg and is walking with the support of a walking stick. She is unable to move fast as a result of this. Meanwhile, people can be seen passing by and starting to run as soon as the traffic starts moving. However, the girl is trying to move faster. Eventually, a woman comes by and gives the girl a piggyback ride to cross the road. She even requests cars to stop while taking the child with her.

Image Source: Reddit/ u/esberat
Image Source: Reddit/u/esberat

The caption of the video reads, "Bless her beautiful heart." The video has received over 36k upvotes. People on Reddit questioned the accessibility of the roads for disabled people. "As a wheelchair user, it’s very scary to go through a crosswalk that long. Sometimes drivers don’t see you because you are not as tall as everybody else and asking for a walking person to go with you sometimes it’s a must," commented u/AlwaysSunnyDragRace. "When your infrastructure is so hostile to pedestrians, disabled people literally need to rely on the kindness of other people to cross a f--king street," mentioned u/northernmaplesyrup1

Image Source: Reddit/ u/JamminJcruz
Image Source: Reddit/ u/JamminJcruz

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