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David Tennant continues hilarious family tradition, trolls son at comic con with witty placard

His father-in-law did it to him first this year in April and he is simply continuing the tradition.

David Tennant continues hilarious family tradition, trolls son at comic con with witty placard
Cover Image Source: Georgia Tennant/Instagram

Editor's note: This article was originally published on November 24, 2022. It has since been updated.

Fathers often have a fun and playful relationship with their sons. They often engage in pranks on each other and make playful jokes. David Tennant, the "Doctor Who" actor, has a time-honored tradition in his family of fathers trolling their sons. His father-in-law did this to him and he is now continuing it with his son Ty Tennant, who acted in HBO's "House of The Dragon."

They visited London's Comic Con together and had a hilarious moment that is making rounds on the internet. Georgia Tennant, Ty's mother, posted a picture of Tennant holding a funny sign over his son's head, reports TODAY. The placard says, "He's not that special!" while the father maintains a straight face as his son looks out into the distance at what appears to be a fan meet-and-greet table.


The prank is a cherished family tradition. David Tennant's father-in-law is Peter Davison, who starred as the fifth "Doctor Who" in the 1980s, and Ty Tennant's grandpa. At a different Comic Con in Wales in April, Peter displayed a placard like this for his son-in-law; however, this time, the word "that" is underlined, whereas Tennant highlighted "He's," possibly in response to the original months later. 

He possibly teased his son after he gained several fans playing the character of "Aegon II" in the hit series that revolves around House Targaryen in the fictional world of Westeros. He was replaced by actor Tom Glynn-Carney as the show skipped ahead in time but the fandom absolutely loves him. 



Georgia posted the picture, writing what her father might have told her, "Here I am protesting in front of the half-mile queue for your husband." This tradition doesn't end here as David held up another placard beside Michael Sheen, who co-starred with David Tennant in the television series "Good Omens," that said, "Now he is special." 

There were several comments on Georgia's post with fans bursting into laughter upon seeing the similar placard. One user commented, "All you need now is Peter Davidson standing behind David with a sign saying 'Neither of them are that special.' " Another suggested, "Georgia, when are you going to stand behind all three of them with a sign?"

"This post has just made my day Georgia. I really do love your family," yet another Instagram user commented. 



In another hilarious prank by parents, a girl asked her father and mother to not be "weird" when her boyfriend visits but they did exactly that. When the new couple came, the family was not just strange but terribly weird. The family actually played the funniest surprise prank on them.

On the lawn outside their house, Kylie's family members waited with their arms folded. The family maintains their position as the couple's automobile approaches, and as the young couple exits the vehicle and approaches them on foot, they instantly establish a set-up like "London Bridge Is Falling Down." The boyfriend of Kylie stumbles along the family tunnel till he finally comes face to face with the father of his girlfriend. Kylie is visibly embarrassed by her family in the TikTok video posted by her sister.

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