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David Schwimmer channels his inner 'Ross' on celeb 'Great British Bake Off' and everyone's here for it

The actor came out on top in the show as Star Baker and he also became the recipient of the Hollywood handshake. 

David Schwimmer channels his inner 'Ross' on celeb 'Great British Bake Off' and everyone's here for it
Cover Image Source: Twitter/BritishBakeOff

Fans can't get enough of David Schwimmer as the star made a surprise appearance on "The Great Celebrity Bake Off." According to Bustle, this year’s charity-driven "The Great Celebrity Bake Off" finally got underway on March 20 and it was a mix of wins and disasters. "Friends" star David Schwimmer, former Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson, "Murder in Successville" Tom Davis, and comedian Rose Matafeo started things off, attempting to wow judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood in support of "Stand Up To Cancer." David Schwimmer also appeared to channel his inner 'Ross' by passing snide gestures and comments on participants in a hilarious fashion. At one point, he gestured a participant's dish wasn't up to the mark behind her back before saying "good job" out loud.









Schwimmer’s foray into English baking proved successful despite some trouble with his bunny rabbit meringue showstopper. He made near-perfect macarons for the technical round and a tasty savory pie in the signature challenge. The actor came out on top as Star Baker, as well as being the recipient of the Hollywood handshake.







"The Great British Bake Off" judge Prue Leith has also spilled some beans about Schwimmer's time on the show. She said, "Well, he must have been *the* most famous person we had in the tent. And I was very excited about it. What I was surprised about, though, was I thought he’d behave as he behaved as Ross, he’d be like he was in Friends, but he was actually very concentrated and didn’t want to talk to anybody" as reported by Mirror.







"He just wanted to get on baking and he badly wanted to win. He loosened up after a while. I had no expectations for him at all on the food front and so I was very, very impressed. I think his daughter – who is a Bake Off fan and a vegan – influences him a lot. He turned out to be much more [knowledgeable] about food than I thought he would be. He was great.”







According to Mirror, a video obtained by the publication features the star explaining why he decided to take part in "The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer." "I lost a grandmother to cancer, my daughter lost a grandmother to cancer and my sister is a cancer survivor, so it's important to me. I am just grateful I can help in any small way raise more awareness." He added, "I am here to have fun. I am here to raise money for a great charity. It's a great cause and I happen to be a massive fan of the show." His family also rooted for him, including his 11-year-old daughter Cleo.





For this reason, what Prue said of the series, stands true, "Do you know I think this has been the best celebrity 'Bake off' so far. For me anyway. And it’s odd because I am so old, I often don’t know who the younger musicians and comedians and sports people are. But I just loved it because I thought they were a terrific bunch – some of them very famous – and all of them seemed to get on well."





And fans had so much fun watching Schwimmer bring his A-game, only this time for baking!

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