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David Oyelowo breaks down as his kids surprise him on his birthday

The family of the 'Gringo' actor decided to make his birthday memorable by singing "Happy Birthday" and making him emotional.

David Oyelowo breaks down as his kids surprise him on his birthday
Cover Image Source: Instagram/ @davidoyelowo

An actor's busy schedule doesn't always allow them to celebrate special occasions with their loved ones. So, this year, David Oyelowo's family decided to make his birthday memorable by celebrating it together with the actor.

In a video shared on Instagram by Oyelowo, the actor is seen entering a room when he hears someone singing "Happy Birthday." He turns around and sees his sons walking out of their rooms and singing for him. The "Nightingale" actor gets visibly emotional and is moved to tears. That's when all four of his children come over and surround him in a bear hug.  He manages to say, "Oh, I miss you all so much."

Image Source: Premiere Of Disney's
Image Source: Premiere Of Disney's "Queen Of Katwe" - Arrivals - Getty Images/ Mike Windle

The sweet video got about 57k likes and more than 2200 comments. The heartfelt caption reads, "The hardest thing about being a working actor for me is being away from my family so on this day, this is the best birthday gift and surprise imaginable. What a way to wake up. I love my babies." The same video was shared by Oyelowo's wife, Jessica Oyelowo, on her official Instagram as well.


Many on the social media platform loved the surprise and showered the family with good wishes. @yvonneorji commented, "Awwwwwwwwwwww I love everything about this. Those are beautiful birthday tears." @milton.brandy.5 wrote, "This is beautiful. But why them boys walk out there like the beginning of a zombie movie." @ava said, "Ohhhhhh! That group hug says it all. The love you all share is exquisite. Happy birthday, brother dear!"

@treasureonscreen commented, "This made my heart happy and sad at the same time. The sacrifices we make. Happy birthday, legend!" @pearly_dez wrote, "Priceless nothing else, his emotions are real and the love is overflowing Priceless. Happy Birthday." @edwinafindley posted, "Aww sooo beautiful!! I remember when you could carry these babies in your arms!! Wonderful to be surrounded by them now! Happy Birthday, Bro!! @davidoyelowo."

The actor has three sons and a daughter with his wife Jessica Oyelowo. 



In another beautiful birthday surprise, an orchestra playing Beethoven's "Eroica" switched to "Happy Birthday" for their conductor, and it's probably the most beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday" ever played. The orchestra conductor, Sir Roger Norrington, gets emotional quickly and can be seen fighting back tears as he watches his orchestra perform. He turns in his chair to look at each of the musicians and the video ends with the caption, "What could be better on your birthday than a surprise gift of music?"

The orchestra in the video is Germany's SWR Symphony Orchestra, and the clip of their birthday surprise has gone viral with 2.2 million views. Many on TikTok were awestruck by the orchestra's performance for the conductor. @jaclymichelle83 pointed out, "I love how he is watching them like it is his first time hearing an orchestra!!! BRAVO!!!" @benjic01 posted, "This piece made my morning! Watched it like 6 times. He will never forget this moment, one of the greatest gifts to a conductor." 

Image Source: TikTok/ @classicfm
Image Source: TikTok/@classicfm

@aegreen275 wrote, "I can only imagine how magical this moment felt to be in the perfect center of this loving music," and @coletheeupher commented, "I can’t stop watching… The arrangement is incredible, the performance is world-class, and this might just be the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen." @crackshotcleric echoed every viewer's sentiments: "That must have been the best gift he could have received. The opportunity to actually EXPERIENCE a piece totally anew. A rare thing for any expert."

We for sure are taking notes on creating beautiful birthday surprises!


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