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Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl pays for and grills 24 hours straight to feed the homeless in LA

Former Nirvana drummer Grohl arrived with a massive smoker trailer and cooked over 500 meals for three shelters in L.A.

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl pays for and grills 24 hours straight to feed the homeless in LA
Image Source: Instagram/Rowan Vansleve

Homeless people often struggle to access basic needs, such as food, which leads to hunger and malnutrition. They may rely on soup kitchens, food pantries, or charitable organizations to provide them with meals. Moreover, accessing healthy and nutritious food can be a challenge. Besides, many homeless individuals are forced to rely on inexpensive and unhealthy options. Hunger and food insecurity are ongoing issues for the homeless population and efforts to address these challenges are essential to promoting their well-being and dignity. Dave Grohl, the lead singer of Foo Fighters, showed his support for Hope the Mission organization by cooking for 24 hours to provide meals for homeless people in Los Angeles, reports PEOPLE.


According to a representative from the nonprofit, he and some friends prepared over 500 meals for three shelters in the city. Grohl brought a large smoker trailer on February 22 to make smoked brisket, ribs, pork butts and sides like coleslaw and barbecue beans. They also used the kitchen at the Trebek Center, a homeless shelter, once a skating rink and supported by the late Alex Trebek, to prepare the food. According to TMZ, Dave Grohl paid for all the expenses of the 24-hour barbecuing event and braved the rain by grilling outside. While the meat was smoking, he even took naps in the parking lot.




Not only did his charitable cooking feed the homeless community, but it also supported Hope the Mission's "All in for Housing" campaign, which aims to fundraise $350,000 to open three shelters and provide over 700 beds for unhoused families. The campaign also involves the CEO and president of the organization running 350 miles from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. While Grohl was grilling, the fundraising run was ongoing to raise $350,000 for Hope the Mission to establish three shelters and 700 beds for homeless families. Grohl encouraged Ken Craft and Rowan Vansleve's trek with an Instagram-shared message of support, including the words "You're all in, we're all in."

Even though fans might be surprised at Grohl's passion for grilling, he believes it's a natural interest. In a 2018 Bon Appétit article, he stated that most musicians are obsessive-compulsive weirdos, always strive to perfect and improve their craft and that it's the same with food. He drew parallels between the two, emphasizing their insane similarities. In 2018, Grohl served barbecue to firefighters who were fighting fires in Malibu.



Kindness towards people who don't have access to resources is extremely beneficial. In another such incident, At El Sur Street Food Co in Little Rock, Ronda Chung witnessed a heartwarming act of kindness. According to a Facebook post, a man approached the counter and asked if they had any leftover food to spare. Instead of turning him away or offering him something small, the cashier offered to pay for his meal and recommended the Con Todo baleada. The cashier even asked if the man preferred to eat at a table or take the food to go. Despite the man's concerns of not wanting to inconvenience anyone, the person behind the counter kindly offered a table and assured him that he was not bothered by his presence. This touching anecdote serves as a reminder that there are still compassionate and generous individuals willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

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