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Daughter cancels plans to surprise dad on his walk and it's heartwarming: 'This will always be a memory'

'Hug your dad right next time you see him and truly cherish every moment you have.'

Daughter cancels plans to surprise dad on his walk and it's heartwarming: 'This will always be a memory'
Cover Image Source: Instagram/@b_lundell

Sometimes we don't realize the small things that might lead up to building core memories for us. It can be a simple walk, a phone call, or a simple meal that might end up building something permanent for us. Becca Lundell didn't know that a walk would turn out to be such a pivotal memory for her and her father. At the beginning of the now-viral video, Lundell aka @b_lundell displays a text exchange, where her father wanted to know if she'd tag along for a walk with him and his dogs. “Hi Becca, do you want to come on a walk with me and the dogs this morning? Love you. - Dad,” her father wrote to her. Unfortunately, she didn't have any time to spare that day so she replied, graciously rejecting his offer. “I wish I could! It’s a little busy this morning, unfortunately! But for sure next time!” He reassuringly responded, “No worries :)”



Soon after the text exchange though, Lundell started to feel guilty and thought she should join her dad on the stroll and cancel her other plans. She can be seen grabbing her keys and leaving, catching up with him as he had already left. The next scene in the video shows her father walking their dogs by himself while Lundell runs up and surprises him. “He was so happy and so were the doggos,” she wrote in the text on the video.

“This will always be a memory,” she wrote in a text overlay with an image of herself and her dad in a cute hug. “Cherish these moments,” she wrote, concluding the heartwarming video. Lundell's adorable moment with her dad was so relatable to TikTok users that it has received over 19.2 million views and 2.7 million likes. Many people who watched the video left comments on it reassuring her that she had made the right choice to postpone her plans and spend time with her father instead. Some comments were made by people who had lost a parent and wished they could spend more time with them.

On Instagram, viewers commented with similar love toward Becca. User @wellnessbycarly shared her love for her late father, commenting, "My dad passed 6 years ago. He was 60 & I was 29. I thought we had more time and I so wish I could take one more walk with him. Love that you went to surprise your dad. This is something you’ll cherish forever! Take lots of photos together and always make time to visit! bless you, both!"

Another viewer left a comment that tugged at many heartstrings. User @soullynda commented, "My dad just passed away suddenly 2.5 weeks ago. And I miss him so much. I think about him 90% of the day. At least. I’m broken. And I would do anything to get a text or call, from my dad again. I would do anything for more time. Thank you for sharing this. Hug your dad right next time you see him… and truly cherish every moment you have. Actually, if you see this, next time you hug your dad if it’s not weird, hug him a little bit tighter for me too."



Lundell added a "Part 2" to the walking video after it went viral, saying how moved she and her father were by all the kind comments. She added a caption above a video of her father driving, with a text overlay saying, “All your comments have been making us cry!! Reading through all the stories of the love you have for your dads make my heart so full.” The reel had a video montage of all the memorable times she had with her father, mentioning that her father was the same age as Lundell when his father passed away. She wrote, “I can’t even comprehend the pain he went through until now imagining a life without him.. He truly is the very best dad...”


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