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Daughter's presentation to parents on 'pros of getting a cat' has the internet in stitches

The daughter stated the benefits of getting a cat and also ensured that she would take care of it.

Daughter's presentation to parents on 'pros of getting a cat' has the internet in stitches
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Inge Wallumrød; X | @chrisdoyle

It’s a familiar scene: kids begging for a pet and parents saying no. Often, parents worry their children won’t handle the responsibility. But one little girl turned the tables with a hilarious PowerPoint presentation that made her case for a pet cat irresistible. Christopher Doyle, a dad of four from Canada (@chrisdoyle on X), shared the images of his daughter’s presentation, which was so convincing that he agreed to get her a cat. 

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cats Coming
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cats Coming

She cleverly listed the "pros of getting a cat," and the internet loved it. First, she noted that all her siblings wanted a cat, though she humorously added, "Though their opinions are less important." She highlighted that pets can "lower stress levels and make you happier." She pointed out that cats don’t need walks and pleaded, "It would be cute, please." Additionally, she promised that getting a cat would end her persistent requests and vowed to handle feeding and litter box duties. 


"If we were to get a cat, I could keep it with me downstairs in my room. Of course, I would let it out of my room, but overall, I would be in charge of it," the daughter mentioned in the PPT. She had done 5 years of research to care for a cat and promised never to "slack off of doing those duties." At one point, she shrewdly pointed out that 5 years ago, her parents had promised to get her a hamster, but that never happened. So now she was determined to get a pet cat. "It would literally be the happiest days of my life, please," she added. 



With nearly 20,000 likes, the post went viral. The internet was thoroughly entertained by the daughter's persuasive presentation. The overwhelming support thrilled her, and her dad joked, "She is enjoying this a bit too much." @MuhammadLila said, "Amazing! How many retweets would it take for her to get the cat? Because I think we can make it happen." @Knaya added, "Undeniable arguments. Get this kid a cat!" Not just the daughter, but hundreds of other users wanted the parents to get a cat for her.


After being bombarded by a mass persuasion on X, the family eventually gave in to their daughter's request. A few days after this post went viral on social media, Doyle updated in the same thread that they had considered adopting a cat. After a little search and visits to the Humane Society and local pet stores, the family brought home an adorable kitten. "Our daughter and her three younger siblings have named her Tokyo. They are in love," Doyle mentioned in the thread. The daughter's sharp-witted presentation, coupled with more coaxing from social media, gave the cute little kitten a loving home.


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