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Daughter struggles to hold back tears as she gives late mother an emotional tribute at graduation

The countless sacrifices that parents make for their children deserve credit and this daughter did right by honoring her late mother.

Daughter struggles to hold back tears as she gives late mother an emotional tribute at graduation
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @goodnewscorrespondent

Right from the moment we enter this world, our parents' lives take a massive shift. Their time, focus, money and energy are utilized more in raising us and preparing us to face the complex realities of life. Though parents, generally, are humble enough not to admit that they have sacrificed a lot for their children's success, what they do deserves great acclamation. Christian Figueroa, an Emmy-nominated reporter–who goes on Instagram by @goodnewscorrespond–shared an emotional video where a nursing school graduate burst into tears as she held her deceased mother's photo during the graduation photo session. The video went viral on various social media platforms and people showered their love and support for the girl. 

Image Source: Instagram | @goodnewscorrespondent
Image Source: Instagram | @goodnewscorrespondent

The post was captioned, "Daughter becomes emotional as she holds a picture of her deceased mother during her nursing school graduation photo session! She couldn't have accomplished this without her." The video showed a nursing school graduate not being able to control her tears as she remembered her mom, who could not be by her side during the most important day in her life. The photographer tried to console the girl and after a few seconds, she put on a bold face and smiled for her graduation picture. 

Image Source: Instagram | @aka_naomi4754
Image Source: Instagram | @aka_naomi4754
Image Source: Instagram | @jackson21bart
Image Source: Instagram | @jackson21bart

With nearly 92K views on Instagram, this video touched the hearts of several users. Many expressed their support for the girl on behalf of her mom. "Congratulations on your graduation. Your mom is looking down from heaven and is so proud of you," commented @randycwork. "Please, someone give her a hug after this photo shoot. I feel her pain," wrote @matty7919. "Congratulations. I wish you continued success and lots of happiness. Your mom lives within you, as you were created within her. Daughter and mom love lasts forever," wrote @melbapadro.

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A post shared by Christian Figueroa (@goodnewscorrespondent)


Yet another heartwarming story of a student honoring his mom during graduation has been making rounds on social media recently. Danny, a teenager (@thekid.danny), shared on Instagram a wholesome moment with his mom on graduation day. "She never got the chance to graduate, so I did it for her. Gracias por todo ma. Don't worry, buela, I got her," wrote Danny. Immediately after receiving his graduation certificate, the teen came to his mother and gave her his graduation cap and robe, honoring his mom's endless sacrifices. The pair cried happy tears on his special day. He posted several other images of that momentous occasion where the mom posed with their own graduation caps. 

Image Source: Instagram/@thekid.danny
Image Source: Instagram | @thekid.danny

While Danny's caption read, "God will carry you even when you have no strength left," his mother's topper read, "Para mi mamá que llegó sin nada pero me dio todo," which loosely translates to, "For my mom who arrived with nothing but gave me everything." The teen's actions moved the internet and @1oca_1uca wrote, "Ohhh, this made me cry. You are an amazing son. Congratulations to you and your beautiful mother." @tchar_christie commented, "You are such a sweet sensitive son. She's very proud of your achievements." These gestures by students were so simple but had a lot of depth and sensibility, which could be the best way of showing gratitude for their mothers. 

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