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Daughter pulls a hilarious Halloween prank on dad by dressing up as 'Saw Puppet'

She pulls the prank with perfection and a little help from her mother and her father's reaction is absolutely priceless.

Daughter pulls a hilarious Halloween prank on dad by dressing up as 'Saw Puppet'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @snackbandits_dad

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year. It brings people together with out-of-the-world costumes, treats and some hilarious pranks. There is no better feeling in this celebration than completely pranking your loved ones and creating playful and fun memories. For this pursuit, people often take help from popular horror movies like "Five Nights at Freddy's," "Exorcist," and "Alien." Jarell H Patton—who goes on Instagram by @snackbandits_dad—shared the hilarious moment when her daughter does something similar, taking inspiration from the horror movie "Saw." The prank seems to be so effective that after it, Patton definitely regrets the horror movie marathons with his daughter.

Image Source: Instagram/@snackbandits_dad
Image Source: Instagram | @snackbandits_dad

Patton was on his way home when his wife and daughter, Dakota, planned everything. They brought a costume of Billy, the puppet from "Saw" and dressed Dakota in it. She was wearing a suit, and her mother then put on a mask on her. During the whole thing, she remained seated on a bicycle. After hearing Patton, his wife immediately dashed out of the garage to talk to him and put the "sinister" plan into motion.

Image Source: Instagram/@snackbandits_dad
Image Source: Instagram | @snackbandits_dad

The couple struck up a conversation, where the mother told him about her day and that she brought some decor. He became inquisitive and wanted to see it. He asked, "Where did you buy it from?" The mother replied, "The garage sale." As he was speaking, he made his way to the garage, which was pitch dark. Any horror movie sleuth knows that at this point nothing ever comes 

When Patton first laid eyes on the "puppet," he was dumbstruck. For some seconds, he could not move from his place. After a while, he began screaming to his wife, "What is this? Why would you bring this." Then, when he turned back towards the puppet, he noticed how its head had moved. Now, Billy the puppet was looking straight at him, something no one wants. Then, he makes the stupid mistake every lead character in a horror movie makes and approaches the puppet.

Image Source: Instagram/@atl_prince
Image Source: Instagram | @atl_prince

 The moment he took a step towards it, Dakota, from inside the costume, stood up, making her father take a fall on the floor. By this time, Patton got some idea that it might be a prank and exclaimed, "Dakota. Stop playing." But fear was written all over his face and Dakota, taking advantage of it, began chasing him, leading him to crash out screaming. Well, Daddy definitely got schooled.

Image Source: Instagram/@ronniewoo
Image Source: Instagram/@ronniewoo

The viral video has gained over 24M views and 1.1M likes. The comment section was beside themselves, seeing the hilarious prank unfold in front of them. @bailee_s_lawrence loved how committed Dakota was to the role and wrote, "I LOVE her ability to stay still and stay in character! Dakota serves every time!!" @truedreblue had suggestions that could have made the prank scarier and commented, "She should've started pedaling toward him." @nevermorejen pointed out her favorite part of the entire prank, "It's the 'Dakota stop playing' is what always gets me."

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