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Daughter makes a special paper dragon for mom after learning she had one as a child: 'Here you go'

This daughter's gift to her mother is being appreciated on the internet and it could not have been more adorable.

Daughter makes a special paper dragon for mom after learning she had one as a child: 'Here you go'
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/Such-Fennel-7160

Kids surprise us in the most beautiful ways. Sometimes, they pick up on the way we talk, and other times, they shower us with hugs and kisses. Whatever they might do, there is always an adorable element to it. But when they give us thoughtful gifts, it is the most beautiful feeling ever. A 10-year-old recently made an origami dragon for her mom after she told her she used to have a stuffed dragon as a child. Reddit user u/Such-Fennel-7160 posted a picture of the dragon along with a note left by her child. In the picture, the dragon sits next to a note on a table. The note reads, "I know you miss Dragon. So here you go. Love Lucy." 

Image Source: Reddit | u/Such-Fennel-7160
Image Source: Reddit | u/Such-Fennel-7160

The post also had a caption that read, "I told my 10-year-old daughter I had a special stuffed dragon as a child, so she watched a YouTube video to make me an origami one!" Many people on Reddit found this gesture incredibly sweet. The post has amassed 6.8K upvotes and several comments. The comments that followed the post could not have been more adorable. u/Belloq1979 commented, "That's one of the best things I read on Reddit for months. Parenting done right, you should be proud of her and yourself."  

u/AcadiaRealistic2090 wrote, "Omg. that is so sweet and special and thoughtful!" Whereas u/twin_flock5 wrote, "Op's kid raised well. Look how the kid made it with all of their efforts. This is really sweet. Pure of love." u/Trinity520 wrote, "I need a person like that in my life. Hang on to her tight. She's a precious thing." u/AmeliRengoku wrote with an emotional heart, "Nah if my future child did this I would be sobbing." 

u/Sanboxlollipop explained, "Look up the love languages 'acts of service' and 'gifts' in kids. She might fit one of those or both (and maybe other languages too). If you can reciprocate in a way that deeply speaks to her she'll be blown away too." u/lunelily wrote, "So super cute and wholesome!! Your daughter is an absolute sweetheart!" u/ilovesquirrels elaborated, "This may be one of the purest things I've seen in a long time. What a very sweet soul she is. Thanks for sharing. And oh my goodness, just extra hugs to her on the internet's behalf. What an absolute sweetheart." u/onelastsmile wrote, "Congrats, you've raised an amazing little girl. Don't let them take this heart from her."

Whereas, u/Puzzleheaded-Grab736 suggested, "Take that sweet baby to McDonald's NOW." u/Leragian wrote, "Frame it and put it away somewhere safe, you'll be thankful later." u/Gojogab commented, "Incredible and sweet beyond sweet." Finally, u/Whigee wrote, "You have a real special kid. Nurture her and keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you, kind editor."

This gesture was incredible and sweet, which is beyond precious and it truly made our day!

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