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Daughter-in-law takes a stand for her sleeping baby when in-laws get loud during their fight

The woman wondered if she was wrong for speaking up for her sleeping baby as it was not her own house.

Daughter-in-law takes a stand for her sleeping baby when in-laws get loud during their fight
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Karolina Kaboompics; Reddit | u/Limp_Author_7820

When multiple people share a home, conflicts are inevitable. However, some disagreements can cross the line of basic courtesy. u/Limp_Author_7820 shared such an incident on Reddit. She wondered if she was wrong to ask her in-laws to lower their voices while her baby was sleeping. She felt torn between protecting her baby and respecting her in-laws' space.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Liza Summer
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Liza Summer

"I currently live with my in-laws with my infant son and husband. My in-laws find themselves in screaming matches daily. Yesterday, while my son was asleep I could hear them screaming from downstairs where we stay with the door shut," the mom shared. However, the in-laws previously asked the woman to let them whenever the baby was sleeping. "There was a break in their argument and so I said, 'Just so you guys know, the baby is sleeping,' in a neutral tone and promptly exited the scene," she added.

The woman's interruption enraged her father-in-law even further as she heard him use her name along with curse words. She heard him say, "His f****** house," to her mother-in-law. "Then he came up to me 10 minutes later, heated, and said 'Just so you know, I respect him (the baby) but I don’t think you get to shush me in my own home. This is my house,'" the woman revealed. She didn't say anything and the man walked away.

"This morning I wanted to talk to him and asked my mother-in-law if I should ask him about his responses towards me but my mother-in-law said, 'He has a point, it’s his house.' All I can think is, that it sure is, but I don’t think I did or said anything wrong or to warrant that reaction," the mom expressed. The woman wondered if she was wrong here. In an update, she also explained that the couple had the means to live by themselves.

"We were invited to live with them for help on multiple fronts. I was made aware that they have disagreements. All couples do, I was not made aware of what they were like. We have every intention of living on our own, but these adjustments can take time especially when the move is states away from where we had previously been established and a child is now in the decision-making mix," she wrote explaining her situation.


People in the comments section advised her to move out as soon as possible. u/Basic-Regret-6263 wrote, "You are not wrong and you need to move out as soon as possible. It may be 'his' (not also his wife's?) house, but if you have a baby in the house, it's common courtesy to be quiet while the baby sleeps. Get out as soon as you can.  Money's not worth living with that misery."

u/CheeSupreme1743 remarked, "I don't think there's anything wrong with saying, 'Hey can you keep it down, baby is sleeping.' The minute he cursed at your name and then flat-out told you he doesn't respect you - game over. I don't care if it takes 20 years to save for a house, time to move out. Also, you shouldn't be having any more conversations with your in-laws period. Your husband needs to deal with his parents. If my husband heard anyone in his family tell me they don't respect me... ooooh boy! He would not stand for that." u/Favgrl shared, "Don’t raise your child around people who scream in conflict. Your child will learn to scream at people as a way to deal with conflict. Get out of there, it will mess your child up forever."

Image Source: Reddit | u/SuperMommy37
Image Source: Reddit | u/SuperMommy37                     
Image Source: Reddit | u/unimpressed-one
Image Source: Reddit | u/unimpressed-one                     

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