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Daughter has a sassy reaction to dad's 'fragile masculinity' after he shames women with body hair

Daughter felt disgusted and ashamed when she was put on the spot by her father for her body hair and decided to give him a taste of reality.

Daughter has a sassy reaction to dad's 'fragile masculinity' after he shames women with body hair
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Cliff Booth; Reddit | u/alybella505

Even though families are the primary agents through which people garner their values, various factors often separate individuals from them. People go outside and have their own experiences which give them a different set of values. This difference might always be clear as day but people compromise in the domestic setting for peace. u/alybella505 used to do it as well, but one moment broke her resolve and she confronted her father for his misogynistic comment leading to a huge blowout with her father and distress in the house. She shared the entire story on Reddit and titled it: "Am I the a***ole for implying my dad has fragile masculinity?"

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cliff Booth
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Cliff Booth

The whole situation began when the family went on a road trip. She added, "My dad accidentally walked in on me while I was waxing my armpits. I was wearing a tank top but I still wanted a bit of privacy." The process took just one strip. After coming out her father randomly asked, "how I managed to remove the hair with only one strip?" She found the question silly but still entertained it. The daughter informed him that she uses a very powerful and effective wax.

This caused the father to go in on the discussion and give his views. He shared, "Women should always remove their body hair because he believes women having body hair (which naturally occurs, how shocking) is 'unhygienic' and 'unnatural.'" This hurt the daughter a lot as she felt gross and ashamed. She shared her opinion stating, "Body hair is natural and it’s okay to have." Not wanting to go out of the situation feeling this way, she answered back to her father. She explained that it was downright rude to call body hair 'unhygienic' and 'unnatural,' when everyone has it. "I replied saying that it’s okay to have preferences cause that’s his business, but it’s rude to say body hair is unnatural and unhygienic when everyone has it. I also said that real men don’t shame women for a little bit of body hair (or any amount for that matter)," she added.

This comment hit a nerve with the father who thought that his masculinity was being questioned. He could not believe that his daughter was criticizing him on his masculinity just because he revealed his preference. The daughter does not believe she is in the wrong. Her view is, "Preferences are fine. Calling people gross, unhygienic, and unnatural for having body hair is NOT okay." This is what she called out and has no remorse for it. She apologized for upsetting him but refused to say sorry for putting her opinion front and center. Her feelings were hurt and she was not going to let any man even if it was her father walk over her.

Image Source: Reddit/u/laurasdiary
Image Source: Reddit/u/laurasdiary


Image Source: Reddit/u/midnight_rain_07
Image Source: Reddit/u/midnight_rain_07

The comments section was overwhelmingly on her side and supported her stand. u/dutchy81 commented that whatever the woman did was right and this behavior should have been called out, "NTA, making a comment about body hair towards your daughter is highly inappropriate, and you were right to put him in his place." u/FragrantImposter put forward a task for the father to do if these are the opinions he holds, "If he's so adamant in his opinions about how women should remove their body hair constantly, then he clearly thinks that is no big deal. Therefore, I'm sure he'll be down to prove his manliness by having a strip waxed from his armpits, his chest, his inner thighs, and the back of his knees. If women can do it, I'm sure a big tough manly man like him can handle doing this on a biweekly basis, as he expects the women to."

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