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Daughter finds touching note from late mother in old book

A rediscovered letter brings comfort and a message to live fully

Daughter finds touching note from late mother in old book
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels| Ron Lach, Reddit|u/CommericalYou9068

Losing a loved one is deeply painful, a wound that only time can heal. Meanwhile, cherished yet ordinary belongings fill the void, helping to ease the grief. Reddit user u/Commercial_You9068 shared a poignant note from her mom, discovered six months after her passing in 2020. She revealed her mom was battling cancer and was also elderly. While sorting her mother's belongings, she uncovered a precious find that soothed her heart.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio

“When I finally got around to moving some of her things to make the house more handicap accessible for my dad, this fell out of an old book I had never seen her open," the post read. Along with the post, there was a photo of the handwritten letter that the daughter had found. The post highlighted her mother's love for writing, showcasing her exceptional talent. “She used to love writing and wrote many brilliant things over the years that only a few people ever read. Her writing is more simplistic here, but still very much her,” the post explained. On the letter, there was also a small doodle of something that looked like a cross and had dimensions and the words “Wind” and “Song” on either horizontal side of the cross-like symbol.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio

“I am not sure about the drawings at the top, nor the significance of 12-14 in, which she wrote in two different formats, so it has intrigued us a bit,” the daughter wrote. The letter was meant for her and the mom wanted her to read it after her death. “Every time the wind blows, listen and you will hear my song. Y'all are the ‘wind beneath my wings’ forever,” the letter read. The mom used quite a bit of reference to wind and music to frame a poetic and touching message. “If you’re sad, hear me in the wind. Take comfort from the beautiful memories." The mom also requested the daughter not to spend too much time grieving.

“But do not grieve. That would make me sad. Get on with living! Soon, real soon, that’s important for me. Take care of dad and each other,” the letter concluded. Words of gut-wrenching pain struck the readers and everyone tried their level best to decode what the symbols may have meant. u/sloanautomatic said, “The measurements look like a headstone or a sign you’d put in a garden.” u/ItBeMaggie remarked, “My mother passed away in March 2020 from cancer as well. This… this note found me. And maybe it’s my mom talking to me in her own way, as well… I’m so sorry for your loss.” u/loosyfur said, “‘Get on with living!’ I love that. A good reminder to everyone, really.” u/hiddenntheleaves commented, “That is really awesome. a very thoughtful note, like a message from beyond.” The daughter, in one of the comments, also mentioned that her mom was 'always full of little heartfelt things and excellently worded encouragement" and this is exactly what people need from each other nowadays. 

Image Source: Reddit|u/swampboy62
Image Source: Reddit|u/swampboy62

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