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Daughter cuts off parents as soon as she turns eighteen after they spent years neglecting her

A brave daughter took a stand for herself by going against the norm and cutting off her mother as she never felt prioritized growing up.

Daughter cuts off parents as soon as she turns eighteen after they spent years neglecting her
Representative Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | Photo by Karolina Grabowska (R) Reddit| u/Advanced-Cat2288

Editor's note: This article was originally published on August 28, 2023. It has since been updated.

Parents can sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, end up hurting their kids. While it may be argued that hurting someone by accident is partially excusable, there are no excuses for not caring about your child. Emotional negligence by parents can harm the child's growing years. That is why, when a child decides to cut off their parents from their lives for good, it deserves applause. This is the story of how a daughter took a stand for herself and distanced herself from parents who never prioritized her. This story teaches us to take a stand for ourselves even if doing so goes against the norm.

Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Majaranda
Representative Image Source: Pixabay/Majaranda

As Reddit is the it-place to go to when you want to know the general public opinion on certain things, u/Advanced-Cat2288 did just that. They went online to ask people a question with the AITA tag to know if they were wrong in the given situation. They shared that they laughed at their sister after her daughter cut her off, but it was all for a valid reason.

So here's how the situation unfolded: u/Advanced-Cat2288's sister had never been a great parent, let alone a good one. She married into a rich family so that she could get the life she wanted. She then went on to conceive a child because she believed that that was what she was supposed to do next. But then, she missed the next step entirely. She missed out on showering her child with basic warmth and kindness, let alone any love or pampering. u/Advanced-Cat2288 said, "Truthfully, she never looked after her daughter for a single day." They further shared how disheartening it was to see their sister go out to parties even on days like Christmas, and leave her little daughter with their family since nannies didn't work on Christmas.

They said that everyone kept warning her about the lack of relationship she had with her daughter. "As she got older, my sister would talk to her but it was never about things she liked. It was always things like, she'd book a trip to Disney for her birthday," they said. But apparently, their niece had been terrified of theme parks since she was small. It is just disheartening to see her mother not know such a basic thing about her child.

Anyway, this is when the most predictable thing happened. They stated: "My niece has just turned eighteen. She got her inheritance money from her grandpa and is set to start college this year. My dad drove her up to her college dorm a couple of days ago actually. She's doing well. As soon as she got there she sent her parents a text informing them that she was cutting them off and to no longer contact them."

As hurtful as it may sound, they made their bed and it was their time to lie in it. The Reddit user said, "No one is surprised - not even her dad. No one besides my sister. She's been complaining since it happened. She was incredibly upset. But we tried to warn her - if you don't start bonding with her she won't care for you and all that."

When their sister did finally reach out to them to vent her feelings, they just laughed at her. She got offended and complained about their behavior to their mother, who sided with her daughter and asked them to apologize to her. The user nevertheless mentioned that the whole family had warned their sister of this day and that they were incredibly happy for their niece. All they had to say in the end about apologizing to their sister was, "I haven't, but probably will. I thought I'd come and post it to Reddit to see the general public's idea." The verdict of most users was that the Redditor's behavior was understandable, they weren't wrong to laugh and they were happy for the niece.

Image Source: Reddit/u/Stardust_Shinah
Image Source: Reddit/u/Stardust_Shinah
Image Source: Reddit/u/Constant_Cultural
Image Source: Reddit/u/Constant_Cultural
Image Source: Reddit/u/According_Ad6364
Image Source: Reddit/u/According_Ad6364

That said, the real hero here is the daughter. No matter how estranged one may be from their parents, cutting off from them permanently can be painful. But she did it anyway, to make her world better and kinder. She chose not to allow anyone, even her mother, to make her feel like she wasn't good enough to be cared for. Her behavior was commendable as one needs courage to do what she did.

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