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Daughter confirms cop working Thanksgiving is, in fact, a pig after Starbucks misspells name

After a police officer received a Starbucks order with the word "pig" written on it, all hell broke loose on Twitter.

Daughter confirms cop working Thanksgiving is, in fact, a pig after Starbucks misspells name

On Thanksgiving Day, some of the individuals who protect and serve our communities don't get the break that the rest of us have the privilege to enjoy. That includes police officers and Starbucks employees. Last week, a tweet surfaced claiming that a Starbucks barista had labeled a coffee order made by a police officer working on Thanksgiving with the word "pig" instead of with the officer's name. The tweet has now gone viral, causing an uproar on the social media platform. One of the individuals who responded to the allegations was Twitter user MissOMara, the officer's daughter. She announced that her father was, in fact, a pig.




The incident took place in Oklahoma. The original tweet, posted by CBS affiliate reporter Amy Slanchik, read, "Kiefer Police Chief Johnny O’Mara says one of his officers picked up five cups of coffee today at the Glenpool Starbucks for his dispatchers, as a thank you for working on Thanksgiving. 'PIG' was printed on all five labels, he says." In a follow-up tweet, Slanchik added, "The chief says he called the store and was told they’d be happy to 'replace the coffee with a correct label.'" Needless to say, many were outraged to hear that a police officer working on Thanksgiving would be treated so disrespectfully. Others, however, had a field day.



Many simply replied, "Thoughts and prayers." One user, alluding to the manner in which White cops who fatally shoot Black citizens, sarcastically wrote, "Outrageous! The Barista in question should be suspended WITH pay until an internal investigation by other baristas finds them innocent of all wrongdoing and they are fully reinstated to their job." Another humorously asked, "Hi! Does this Starbucks barista have a Patreon [fundraiser] I can donate to?" Another added, "If cops weren’t allowed in public in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened."

But the real winner was his (alleged) daughter, who responded, "This is my father and I’d like to say that he is absolutely a pig and I’d like to thank the brave men and women from Starbucks for their service... For the record, my father has zero business being a police officer. He was blatantly, proudly racist when I was a kid, said things I would never repeat. He treats women like dogs, including his own daughter. Oink oink." That's when she singlehandedly won the whole internet. She later added, "The deputy it actually happened to told my mom he didn’t really care and that it was a harmless joke, no big deal. But my father is a camera whore who couldn’t resist the attention."

Unfortunately, unlike police officers who rarely face repercussions, the Starbucks employee in question was suspended from their position. Though numerous individuals argued that the names on printed labels stuck on Starbucks coffee cups have to be manually entered by the customer when ordering, an investigation conducted by Starbucks concluded that the employee was at fault. Slanchik affirmed, "[The] Starbucks corporate headquarters just called me. An employee in the communications department informed me the employee in question in this incident has been suspended."

Truly, a sad day for underpaid Starbucks employees who have to work holidays.

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