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Dakota Johnson's hilarious take on the craze around Stanley cups includes a spot-on performance

Dakota Johnson, Chloe Fineman and Heidi Gardner aced their performances, explaining the obsession of people with Stanley cups.

Dakota Johnson's hilarious take on the craze around Stanley cups includes a spot-on performance
Cover Image Source: Instagram| @nbcsnl

The humongous Stanley cups have gone viral and people are out on the hunt to own one of the trendy items. The craze has divided people into two groups - those who are a big fan of the cups and others who are just done with the hype. This ongoing debate took a classic turn when actress Dakota Johnson shared her interestingly hilarious views on the cups on the "Saturday Night Live" show's recent episode. Heidi Gardner and Chloe Fineman joined the actress to collectively agree with the item’s recently given tag, “Big Dumb Cups.” The trio made a hilariously accurate depiction of what the craze looks like to the uninterested population. 

Image Source: Instagram| @nbcsnl
Image Source: Instagram| @nbcsnl

The trio appeared dressed in cowboy attire and letting blonde tresses flow from their hats, they put on the personality of an “ideal Stanley cup customer.” “Have women killed for this cup? Almost,” Garner said sarcastically as she held a big cup. Johnson joined her with another cup and said, “This is the cup that says, ‘I’m a virgin but I also have 6 kids.’” Fineman joined the duo and they began rendering the most hilarious depictions of Stanley cup fans. “It’s the cup that says, ‘I start decorating for Christmas tomorrow,’” Johnson conveniently added. In unison, the trio said in the most hysterically sensual way, “Big dumb cups.” Fineman took a big slurp and said, “Mm, you can taste the bacteria.”

Image Source: Instagram| @nbcsnl
Image Source: Instagram| @nbcsnl

Gardner added, “I’m getting lead.” Going savage on the bizarreness of the “viral cup,” Fineman served another ruthless roast. Recalling the viral incident of the car explosion and the cup which accelerated the craze she said, “If your car explodes, you won’t survive but your big dumb cup will.” “And it doesn’t leak at all. See?” Gardner said, before turning the cup upside down only for the water to fall right out. “It holds an entire bottle of Josh. Get in there, Josh,” Johnson said, referring to a bottle of wine. While the crowd went insane with the top-tier comebacks the trio had in store, they kept bringing more ruthless punchlines. Gardner said, “Wanna know a secret? When I’m not sipping, I’m peeing!” Revealing the addictive and illogical craze people have, the trio went on to share how people are willing to overlook logic and buy just about anything to stay in the trend.

Image Source: Instagram| @nbcsnl
Image Source: Instagram| @nbcsnl

Fineman looked over at Johnson who was now holding a life-sized Stanley cup and asked, “Did your cup get bigger?” As the slander continued, people truly understood the magnetic craze behind what is just an ordinary cup. The comments section cheered on the ladies for their top-notch performances. @thetampabayagent said, “The hats, the hair, the outfits. This is a spot on the Stanley customer!” @philphil901 said, “Marked safe from wanting a Big Dumb Cup!” @rachelahern revealed the lengths the craze goes to and said, “Today I was at Marshall’s and a customer tried to buy an employee’s personal Stanley cup from behind the counter.” @kristenpru posed the right question and asked, “Why is drinking water an entire personality trait for millennials?” @livresetplantes said, “Best description for these overrated and overpriced cups, which in fact are not that great.”

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