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Dad in wheelchair joins other dads on stage to dance with his little girl and it's so beautiful

The video of the pair dancing alongside the other dads won hearts on the internet.

Dad in wheelchair joins other dads on stage to dance with his little girl and it's so beautiful
Cover Image Source: Reddit | @u/Zee2A

This is probably the most beautiful father-daughter dance one will get to watch on the internet today. The video posted on Reddit starts with the text overlay, “Daddy was hit by a drunk driver, but doesn’t let it stop him from dancing with his little girl.” In the video, the child is in a ballet dress and is picked by her father who moves her back and forth while he is in a wheelchair. Then he twirls her around, after which he puts her on his shoulder and moves the wheelchair around. Then, she gets down and does a few steps. The video ends with her sitting on her father’s lap and waving goodbye. Meanwhile, there were two other fathers who were performing the same act with their daughters on stage.

People were surprised to witness these heart-warming moments between the father-daughter. A user wrote, “You can tell they practiced a lot, too. Especially at the end, they were anticipating the next move. My heart is full.” Another said, “I feel the most beautiful thing is that the group practiced together. They must have.” Another user wrote, “this video has made my day.”

Reddit | @u/Zee2A
Reddit | @u/Zee2A


Thanks to another father-daughter video, a dad got the name “Daderina” from internet users. He danced with his 2-year-old daughter Bella so that she could get over her stage fear. “Bella was super excited to dance that day. She adored her costume. She loves to dress up so she was in her element. She kept talking about how much she wanted to dance on stage," the father-of-three said, remembering the dance from 2018.  "On the drive to the theatre, we promised to buy the girls ice cream after they finished their dress rehearsal. Unfortunately, the pre-ballet class had to wait about an hour before it was their turn to go on stage. By that point, Bella was ready to leave because her mind was fixed on getting ice cream." Recalling the turn of events that day, Daniels’s wife, Kim said, "My husband was holding our youngest daughter, Suri. I was able to tend to the older girls backstage, but it was a long wait. That's why the tantrum started."

Reddit | @u/Zee2A
Reddit | @u/Zee2A


Daniels, a lawyer, went across the stage with his then-8-month-old daughter in hand, hoping to stand in the wings next to Bella and help his daughter from the sidelines.

"I went with the goal of trying to soothe and encourage her," he explained. "I did not want to pull her offstage away from her sister and single her out from the other girls and boys." Wanting Bella to have a good time, Daniels jumped in and Suri in tow, pirouetting and gracefully balancing on one leg along with the rest of the tutu line following the teacher's choreography. 

Reddit | @u/Zee2A
Reddit | @u/Zee2A


A few days later, when the actual performance happened, Bella was able to dance without her father. "We were really proud that she wanted to do the performance on her own and showcase her talent, particularly as I did not want to become the focus of the show, especially for the other parents, and especially in light of all of the publicity. However, I wore the same red Pumas to execute the toe point, just in case," Daniels revealed.


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