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Dad has a 'wrestling' match with his kids and their contagious laughter will make your day

He can be seen throwing the youngsters onto a soft bed, making them giggle and laugh.

Dad has a 'wrestling' match with his kids and their contagious laughter will make your day
Cover Image Source: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

Parents often come up with innovative ways to spend some fun time with their children. One man trying to do the same with a couple of boys is spreading smiles across the internet thanks to a video of him indulging in some light wrestling with the youngsters in a safe and entertaining way. In the video posted on Reddit by u/Thund3rbolt with the caption "Dad Has A Wrestling Match With His Boys," he can be seen throwing the boys on the soft bed and pillows, playing make-believe as a wrestler. 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

The children's laughter and giggles portray that they are having the time of their lives during the at-home wrestling match. In the clip, the man can be seen throwing one of the boys over his shoulder on a soft bed. The three are also seen throwing pillows at each other and engaging in a competitive wrestling match without any signs of wanting to stop. Towards the end, the young boys take over their adult opponent and scream their victory over him. This wholesome video put a smile on everyone's face and Reddit users gave it over 8.2k upvotes in less than a day.

Several users even relayed similar experiences of their own, with SH4DOWSTR1KE_ saying: "I'm not even a father and I've been like that with my younger cousins and nephews. As long as I throw them somewhere soft, they want me to fling them as far as hard as I could." Another user Criblu added, "Me and my son every evening. No matter how shitty the day, it always leaves me smiling. Cherish the time my brothers." 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

Reddit user the-dorian said that they "10/10" recommend parents do this with their children. "Whether you have sons or daughters you all end up having a fun time. There's always that one time where someone lands weird and then it's you saying 'shhhhh shhhhh stop crying it's ok, you're ok... stop crying or else mom will hear and we're dead!'" User lisalou5858 added, "This is how children learn how to play and what is too much and what is just right! All parents should wrestle with their kids."

Reddit user OrcWarChief commented, "I dunno what it is, but kids love to be picked and literally thrown at beds and pillows. My daughter kept asking me to do it again, and again and it was exhausting man." 

In another hilarious wrestling incident, a 3-year-old Missouri girl placed a boy in a headlock after he asked her to marry him. When her preschool teacher and parents asked her about it, she simply stated, "I took a headlock down on Jack and took him down. Because kids don’t get married so that’s why I put a headlock down on him." 

Scott McFetridge, Kynlee's father, found out about the incident when he picked her up from school. He saw that she was labeled "pink" on the school's color-coded conduct system, which meant "not good." McFetridge was concerned and contacted her Missouri preschool instructor, who apparently couldn't stop laughing as she described Kynlee holding the boy in a headlock. "I was trying to be a good dad and reprimand her, but it was pretty hilarious," he said. "It was hard for me to stop laughing and put her in timeout but we made it happen."


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