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Dad uses CPR he learned from an episode of 'The Office' to save his daughter's life

The father found his daughter lying against the wall and quickly sprung into action to save her life.

Dad uses CPR he learned from an episode of 'The Office' to save his daughter's life
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Erin Uber

Learning lifesaving medical techniques helps a person in the long run. Especially knowing how to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) could prove to be extremely crucial. Matt Uber saved his daughter's life by simple CPR and he credits it all to an episode of "The Office." 4-year-old Vera Posy was playing a game of tag with her dad around the house. Her giggling stopped and suddenly Uber "heard a thud," per TODAY. She was lying against the wall and the dad thought that she might have tripped and fallen and hit her head. "When I picked her up off the ground, she was just limp, her eyes were kind of rolled back," the dad recalled.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Josh Willink
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Josh Willink

He noticed that she was not breathing and was turning pale. He asked his older daughter, Nora, to call 911 and started performing CPR on Posy. All he knew about CPR was from an episode of "The Office." In that, they were learning CPR training and doing compressions to the beats of 'Staying Alive.'" Uber did chest compressions on the beats of the Bee Gees' disco classic until a 911 operator talked him through the process. "I remembered to lift her neck and make sure that she wasn't choking or having a seizure," Uber shared.


Soon, the paramedics reached their house, took over the CPR and then used the defibrillator. The dad said that the child responded on the second delivery of shock and they heard a little cry. They took Posy to the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. They later got to know that she had suffered a cardiac arrest. The doctors found that it was a mild case of cardioventricular non-compaction. It is a muscular condition where the left ventricle of the heart does not form properly.


However, the doctors were sure that the cardiac arrest was not due to this issue. The child went through genetic testing and the family learned that she had calmodulinopathy, which is an uncommon and life-threatening condition. The doctors advised that Posy be fitted with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator, which stays under the skin to jolt the heart if it stops. The mother shared that Posy is the youngest ICD placement at Riley's Children's Hospital.


Erin, the child's mom, said, "While we are hopeful, of course, that she is safe and protected forever, we also have a mission or a commitment, both, to learn rudimentary CPR YouTube to go through formal training, because quite honestly, there may be a time that our baby will need it." She child is back at home, playing and enjoying. The parents are trying to support her in every way possible. Erin added, "As far as her device goes, she'll say occasionally, 'Mom, I sure wish I didn't have this power pack,' which is what we're calling it."

They tell her that she might need it in the future if her heart needs a boost. The couple wants people to learn CPR and understand AED (automated external defibrillator) so they can help others if needed. She said, "We know that every second, every moment that CPR was not initiated, it increased her risk of neurological damage or non-survival." Uber thinks he would have been guilty if things had not gone well. The lesson he learned from the situation is to know the procedure well. "CPR is not a difficult skill, but it can change the world," he said.

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